The Fruits of the Zee Festival 2023

Isn’t there usually a week or so to redeem rewards after the end of a festival proper? I figured that’s what this was.

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Yup, 2 more days to trade everything.

My alt managed to pass her POSI test, got her zailing license and grabbed that cruiser. Definitely a milestone for her journey towards a monster hunting career. Hopefully there would be new ships next year. A dirigible carrier would be nice.


I still have 1000 Thalassic Favor, will this festival have a third part or is keeping it pointless?

I believe it will be converted into some kind of loot at the end, but it will be an inferior deal to what you get from trading it in. You’d be better off spending it now.


I think Estival has dramatically altered our baseline for how many twists and turns a Festival ought to have. Switching from “activity mode” to “cash-out mode” and only really requiring 1-2 days for that second half then mostly ignoring it for the rest of the week is the norm for the ends of Christmas (after the picket opens), Feast of the Rose (after we can get our tattoos and buy companions), and Hallowmas (after we can cash in our Spirit).

I’m very grateful to have a straight-forward festival that doesn’t demand too much constant attention, to be honest.


There is no third part. Spend it now.

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I have a grand total of 35 Thalassic favours remaining, can’t wait to see what they turn into after the event!

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