The Foreign Office

I was banished from the empresses court a while ago, and I thought I needed to buy a ship to become the governor of a colony. But I recently talked to the veteran privy counselor about it and it said that &quotYou may take the first step toward governing London’s colony by working through the Foreign Office.&quot so I don’t really know what to do.

Do you have the route to Wilmot’s End? If you go there, you can access the Foreign Office, which has an action carousel, and one of the end options gives you your governorship. At which point you will need a ship to get there.

I do not have the route to Wilmot’s End. How do I get it?

What’s your shadowy? And, have you looked at the Local Gossip in your lodgings?
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I have 102 shadowy with my outfit. I just checked local gossip, there is nothing of interest that doesn’t cost fate.

You have to get to 110 Shadowy (gear included) before the way to get to Wilmot’s End shows up.

I don’t remember there being a “check the local gossip” option to open up Wilmot’s End, I had to wait for an opportunity card about tailing a spy.

There iirc should be both Shadowy and Persuasive options to open Wilmot’s End from the local gossip; the options would appear under the specific gossips with the relevant stat at 110.

I have persuasive 110 but there isn’t an option in the local gossip for persuasive.

I didn’t need the Opp Card; the option just showed up with the Gossip when I was 110 Persuasive.

On the other hand I’ve played out the full Cheesemonger storyline. Being a Fine Piece in the Game may have some bearing.

Okay, I just need shadowy 110. Thanks.

I have done an overview at

If you need to go to the foreign office, you will need to be PoSI, then get Diplomat in the Making (gossip/sculptress/115 persuasive or a frequent card with 115 persuasive).

You also need to open wilmot’s end, which is one of (leaving out anything you already have because you are diplomat in making):
a) gossip/sculptress
b) gossip/urchin/shadowy 110
c) a shadowy 110 card (needs 1 gg, but apparently not fine piece)
d) a universal storylet with gg:5, that spends a comprehensive bribe

Since you won’t get in there without persuassive 115, I suggest getting that and talking twice to your friendly neighborly bohemian sculptress.

I have persuasive 115, do I need to be a PoSI to too get the card or for it to appear at the bohemian sculptress?

Yep, you need to be PoSI for diplomat in the making, AND for 3 out of 4 ways to access Wilmot’s end.
You are not going places without that.
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You need to be a PoSI to get a ship, and without one you couldn’t get to the colony anyway.