The First Curator Quest: Which reward?

I am at a point where I have completed all of the requirements to get the reward. I am currently using the merchant ship and love the large hold it offers though I am miffed it does not have a deck gun.

My question to you Zee Captains is: Which reward did you choose from the curator and why?

The Yacht has the same slots as the starter boat, and its hull, crew, weight and hold are all in between the starter boat and the merchantman. Its stat boosts are great, but otherwise, you’d probably consider it a step down from your current ship. The Fragments and Treasures… well, you could get those anywhere. They’re nice, but they’re not exactly unique rewards, are they? The Moth, well, it’s pretty much the best Mascot in the game. It comes with a small Hearts penalty, but you can balance that out with an upgraded Cook or Surgeon.

I am strongly considering the Yacht. If only Zee Captains were permitted to own more than one ship. Wouldnt it be great if the developers facilitated a way to do that in London? Maybe buy ducking space for another ship for ~1000 echoes and on every visit, and every time you switch ships, pay a ~100 echo fee.

I chose the Yacht because I was curious as to how it looked like (the wiki doesn’t have a picture of it) and because the Merchantman wasn’t buffed at that point in the game build (I upgraded to the Yacht directly from my starter ship).

So far the Yacht’s been working out very fine for me and I’m quite fond of its stat boosts. However it’s not terribly tanky and its big collision-frame means that it has a tendency to bump into things around enclosed spaces like Port Cecil or the Iron Republic and take hull damage
I’d say that in the current build it’s slightly lesser to the Merchantman in money-making/story aspects but better in fights as it can equip a deck gun.

Now that my curiosity has been satisfied I’ll probably take the Moth in my next playthrough because that thing’s lore is absurdly cool: you basically become the &quotfalconer&quot of a sentient giant moth of dusty magic that just burst out of an undead museum director and has his memories.

Edit Also, I second the implementation of the posted idea above me. Perhaps it could be another perk of working with the Admiralty, you could use their docks and warehouses for item storage and docking your extra ship?
edited by Bardigan on 12/30/2014