The Firebrand and the Missionary

I am currently in the middle of finding the route to the Nadir and its come time to pick sides in this dispute. For this reason I’m wondering which one others have chosen to side with.

Right now I am leaning towards favoring the firebrand as he seems to have been less disingenuous (and he gave me a unique little amber), while the missionary seems to have tried to use me for her own ends. I’m not fond of being used. Which one did you chose to trust, the missionary? the firebrand? were you sick of both of them by the end?

I choose the Firebrand for a few reasons. First of all he works for my newspaper. Secondly the Missonary lied to me and would no doubt try to betray me in the future, I cannot trust her. I think the Firebrand had nobler motives and was the lesser of two evils.

The first choice doesn’t matter too much…you’ll have chances to change your mind during your Expedition, and in the end you come to the same set of choices that determines just what you get out of your adventure in the Cave of the Nadir.

Edit: I sided with the Secular Missionary on my main (no particular reason), and then I yelled at them. It was fun. My alts did other things. Personally I like the Firebrand more, but both of them are working towards a conclusion I dislike.
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This might be a bit silly but I like it when we pick oppostie factions Sara. You’re Face, I’m Teeth. You’re a Stag, I’m in the Parthenaeum. I went with the yacht and you picked the zubmarine, and now the Nadir factions. I just like the idea of our characters being very different yet highly connected agents of the Masters. I hope that doesn’t come across as strange.

But back on topic.

You know, that is pretty neat. ^^

More differences: I supported the Bishop of Southwark, while you went to the Masters. I’m also an Idealist at the University, but I’m not sure how you ended that one.
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From what I understand (from poking about the wiki and so forth) it seems like the two are involved in the plot that succeeds in the liberation of the night or…something. As I am rather vested in actualizing my destiny regarding the Void, I’m not particularly interested in such a thing. Even so, I understand we get to become lasting friends with one of them in the end if we so choose, which is more of why I asked.

Ah, yes. No worries there - it’s your decision at the end that will determine whether or not you stay friends with one of them.

I sided with the Revolutionary Firebrand. The Liberation of Night is a terrible, terrible thing, but he’s an idealist following what he believes to be pure motives, while the Missionary is a manipulative snake. I’m hoping I can eventually persuade the Firebrand on the horrors his Liberation will cause. If not, well. I probably should have picked the option where I yelled at both of them for being crazy, but I cannot resist unique Neathymon.

Sir Frederick sided with the Firebrand for the expedition, because he seemed like a decent, reliable fellow. After returning from the Nadir, he was horrified by the ravages of irrigo, and told them both to bugger off.

Hubris sided with the Missionary, because she’s a schemer and he appreciates a good scheme. He remained friends with her after the expedition, though when it comes to dangerous women, his heart remains with the Quiet Deviless.

Juniper has sided with the Missionary, because she seems like an affectionate, motherly sort of person. Afterward, she’ll likely sneak off and leave the pair of them to fight it out on their own.

Esther plans to side with the Firebrand, as a brother in the Cause, and hopes to secure his affections after the expedition.

[quote=Sara Hysaro]You know, that is pretty neat. ^^

More differences: I supported the Bishop of Southwark, while you went to the Masters. I’m also an Idealist at the University, but I’m not sure how you ended that one.
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Also an idealist. I may be ruthless but I’m not that ruthless. Didn’t you become a Midnighter? You’re Watchful and Shadowy while I am a Persuasive and Dangerous Glassman.


Still an Agent at the moment, but I’m getting there! I wanted to get my Dangerous more on par with my other stats first.

I do wonder if we’ll be able to convince the Firebrand that the Liberation of Night is a bad idea. I’m not sure how much he knows of it, or how far February plans to take it.

My alt hasn’t done the Firebrand/Missionary/Nadir sequence yet. My main character chose to side with the Firebrand, because FBG hinted that, at some future point, the Firebrand and Missionary (depending on which one picks) may become Spouse material, and I rather liked the idea of my character being wed to the Firebrand.

I sided with the Revolutionary Firebrand for a few reasons:[ul][li]At the very end he was the one sticking to the deal.[/li][li]I agree with him that the location of the cave is too important to sell.[/li][li]He looks awesome. All dark and stuff.[/li][/ul]My character has only vague notions of what the Liberation of Night really is, because I didn’t choose that destiny. Wouldn’t have mattered anyway, because… Lorn-Flukes. :cool:

I picked the Missionary because I got rather attached to her (to the point of preferring her to the apparent choices for Spouses/Constant Companions) pre-Nadir, and wanted that choice to be open. I confess, though, that after the events of the Nadir I’m not so terribly fond of either one of them anymore.

I have no idea what anyone is talking about because I railed at them both after the Nadir. They’re both infuriatingly vague and tight-lipped about absolutely everything. I hoped that being frank with them would give me some understanding, but nope, nothing. Does siding with one over the other actually give you any insight into their true motives or personalities?

[quote=Little The]Does siding with one over the other actually give you any insight into their true motives or personalities?[/quote]Apparently they forgot a lot of things due to irrigo. But their personalities remained what they were: Ruthless Opportunist and Meek Idealist. Not really sure where that whole ‘Firebrand’ comes from. Maybe wishful thinking? Clearly the man had only very vague ideas of what to do with the Cave of Nadir. After all, he’s no February.

And the Secular Missionary’s true motive was clear enough: Sell the location of the cave for profit. To whom, you may ask? Highest bidder, I would assume. Apparently she had connections to the Game? Well, why would you ever expect anyone in the Game to be anything less than vague or tight-lipped? Ever been to Wilmot’s End? That’s what they’re like. All the time.

Personally, I thought the Firebrand was more of a traditional anarchist on the Surface, but he had knowledge that the Secular Missionary was anxious to get her hands on. The Secular Missionary, in turn, I believe is much more in line with February and her all-encompassing anomist ideologies. After all, it’s her we see holding up the sign “LIBERATION OF NIGHT” on the old photograph. And she mentions the causes that she supports - which doesn’t sound much like the Game. But then again, if I were entangled in the Game, I would also be smart enough to say I weren’t.

I am nearly in the end of the quest ( already in the Cave ), and I think I would side with Missionary. Firstly, because so many of you chose Revolutianary ( petty reasons, yeah), and secondly, Missionary flat out states she was Joan of Ark. She could lie, of course, but still. Neat.

Tell me, does selling the way to the cave affect your relations in any way?

It substantially increases your connections to the relevant faction and makes you Closest To them. Be aware though: two factions give substantially more valuable rewards for selling than the others.