The Final Season of Hearts' Game!

Except you can animate your skeletons…

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Nod 2

Today I realized my alt had been sitting on the end of the Cheesemonger’s storyline for [unknown period of time]… and then I decided I didn’t really care much about her hare-brained schemes.

TL;DR? I want a second affiliation for whichever Master this was now.

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Oh gosh, the Cheesemonger. Haven’t thought about her in years.

I only dimly remember playing along with the scheme ironically due to a similar level of indifference about it’s circumstances, and winding up in a room full of dead men. I don’t even remember what, if anything, I got out of it.


Where exactly is that echo from? The long gone memories return…! :boom:

A word on counterplay: I see them implemented to make use avoid certain easy/hard options. I just managed to get The Silent Nod today and I only had some difficulties with pages:

  1. Very bad luck when forming a team; tried to build one 3 times
  2. With the first I went on: Papers, Gambits and Cod. (bad team!)

It was a 7/10, but 1st loss was that I struck luck with gambit 1st time I played the prep option (rare success and target was gone), the second I could have turned into a win, but Postal gave min progress and max elusiveness (should have played Social) and the 3rd was because of bad results.

But I agree that Pages are a pain (Wiki guide) if you aren’t lucky to draw nice cards. :frowning:

In the end, I love these changes and the new distinctions!

That’s just a Tuesday night out isn’t it?


Looks like this option at the end of her storyline:


If it’s just one room? You’re underachieving.

Depends on how efficiently you pack them in.