The FIdgeting Writer and Unreliable Glimpses

I’ve just started the Case of the Fidgeting Writer (and can’t any further at the moment due to low stats,) but was confused by something. The description of the &quotGlimpse of Something Larger&quot mentions a Jade Bird, although the prior description has a red bird. Is this an error, or have I just not gotten far enough to understand?

I just was about to send in a bug report and hesitated due to thinking perhaps it’s not a contradiction, just me not knowing enough about the matter instead. Since it seems odd that someone else more conversant with the lore wouldn’t have reported an error before me.

Huh! In every other reference I can remember to the Bird-Snake-Cat trio the bird is red or cinnabar, if the color is mentioned at all. (And looking at that storylet again, it seems like a reference – ‘a mottled man, a bird of cinnabar, another with snakes instead of hands.’) It’d be an odd mistake, since ‘jade’ for ‘red’ isn’t exactly a typo, but perhaps there’s something to it that hasn’t been revealed yet.

Well, thanks for confirming that it isn’t something simply known to every other player except me. Typo report sent, so I guess we’ll find out if it changes.