The Fathomking and Resurrections

So I had the brisk campainer for a while, but I put off doing her story, and now she’s dead. I was slightly frowny about this until I remembered that the Fathomking is supposed to be able to bring back the dead. And the Campainer was thrown to the sea, so what I want to know is can I get the campainer back? Or is she dead forever?

Yes, I believe he can bring her back! It’s bloody expensive, so I’ve never done it myself, and I can’t tell you how it affects her quest, but the option is there.

The cost man! What is the cost?! I need to know if It’s worth it or if I should concentrate on finding the cheolate, which I never can!
edited by Jules Asimov on 12/18/2014

She’s not cheap. You’ll need at least seven pieces of scintillac and seven treasures, among other things. I’d say the cost is around 8000 echoes, and she isn’t the same once the FathomKing returns her to you (I cannot call it a resurrection). The stat bonuses that she provides when equipped are different though, and she no longer gives upgrades for secrets, alas.

Interesting! A different change than the one she undergoes when you complete her quest, I’m guessing?

NO idea. She died before she finished her quest.

No: the resurrected Campaigner is the same as if you finish her quest without using the Fathomking (without being too spoilery, she sort of dies either way).