The Fathom King's Request

Hey guys. I tried looking for the answer on the wiki, but couldn’t find it. What do I have to do when he asks me to witness the death of something that is the oldest of its kind?

I think for that one I did the Principles of Coral storyline.

Or you can complete the quest for the Curator at Venderbight.

Ah geez. I gave away my Poisoner to the Fathom King and decided to keep the Outcast - so that quest is out. How do I complete the Venderbright quest? I’m stuck on the Gant page. No matter how many times I try, the Eater of Names won’t spawn around the Gant’s Pole. Is there an alternative?

You can explore Frostfound, one of the items available at the end gives gant - I would advise taking a Judgement Egg or Box of Sunlight for the end.

Or become a cannibal and have nightmares then visit the Chapel of Lights

Thanks a lot!

I was actually trying to avoid becoming a cannibal this time around, but I stole some morsels from the Funeral Feast, and welp…
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I got my first tick of Peckishness up at the Chapel before I realized what was going on, but the second tick of Peckishness was even worse – I thought that the dining option at Hearthsake village was structured like the Funeral Feast, so that clicking Go took you to an event with multiple options. I WAS WRONG.

If you don’t mind, may i ask you a question, dear friends?
I am stuck.
I gave him everything.
The Miracle of Sciense.
A Willing guest.
A Heart of the legend.
I witnessed the Curator’s End.
I don’t know what is the last, or maybe not even the last, thing, and the game just says NOTHING about that, NOTHING.

Did you give him a Sky-Light or the Fruit of an Eternal Tree?

What counts as a Sky-Light?

A Box of Sunlight or a Mountain Shard.

Thank you.

I’m assuming you mean A Sunlight-Filled Mirrorcatch Box? Just checking if there are two similar items in the game.

Also: I reaaaaallly don’t want to go and fight Mt. Nomad. So if the other options aren’t ingame, and the Tree of Ages doesn’t actually spawn anywhere, and the storyline where the Tree of Ages does come up doesn’t produce the heart, I guess I have to. Hnngggngngh.

Yes A Sunlight Filled Mirror Catch Box.

As for the Mountain Shard you can buy one for 2000 echoes in Port Carnelian or one is given at the end of the Snuffer Quest (starts in Apis Meet) if you pick the right ending.

I still haven’t seen the Tree of Ages. Good luck with Mt Nomad.

You can kill mount nomad pretty fast I think with Icarus in Black if you don’t want to do more elaborate combat. Obviously the ammo is extremely expensive.

But it only take 2 shots!

Tree of ages is bugged, I’m sure of it. Eater should pop but spawns in the chelonate are limited. Keep killing the fluke until the eater appears.

That’s still like, 2000 echoes worth of stuff.

I know, sorry, I was being a little facetious!