The Fallen London Timeline

Those interested in seeing how the game has changed over the years can find it on the wiki.

If there’s something I’ve overlooked, please let me know! I believe there’s a trove of info in very old newsletters from FBG.


Awesome work, thank you!! :smiley:

That’s terrific. Great job!

Always wanted such a thing and I’m glad we have it. Thanks to all the Wiki contributors that made the page!

Now, because we’re on the subject, I wonder if FBG, or anyone else, can provide with more screenshoots from those ages. Even the pre-React design is slipping from my memory and the older ones are unknown to me.


Wow, this is great. Big up the wiki contributors. And say what you want about the old FL app, the music was phenomenal.

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A couple of very early screenshots can be found here: The early days - #3 by endy


I see some links are long gone and I am not sure if the new forums change those 404 responses into icons. Wanted to look over web.archive, but we’ll start with those posts first!

Well, found the missing first image, but it’s the same as the 3rd on in Endy’s post:

The missing rest are just assets from FBG so no luck with those. But here’s one of the old maps too (from the shared post): From the thread over there, it was different than the one some of us experienced.
Moving onward, we have this map made by Rahv from Android app; he posted over Reddit and it now seems like a nice comparison. :slight_smile:

Chronologically we have these maps:

  1. Endy’s post
  2. WebArchive snapshot which had more details than the next one
  3. Missing this version of the map :frowning:
  4. Rahv’s map
  5. And the current '22
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