The Fallen London Store is back!

[color=#0066ff]A small team of Failbetters have been working on new merchandise, and we’re pleased to offer you the fruits of our labours![/color]
[color=#0066ff]So far we’ve added a new range of Sunless Sea merchandise which includes new shirts and some fancy phone cases. There are also two new designs featuring Mrs Plenty’s Rubbery Lumps: a mug, and an apron![/color]
[color=#0066ff]Hang on for more announcements of new items over the next two weeks. [/color]
[color=#0066ff]I’d love to get your critical opinions on how the store looks, the designs, and what else you’d like to see![/color]
[color=#0066ff]PS: Spreadshirt are offering free shipping right now with the code FREE15 :)[/color]

Nice!! It looks neat, but seems to be a little bit emptyish, perhaps (not complaining, just giving feedback! I think it’s lovely that you have a store!).

Personally, I would love to see women’s long sleeve t-shirts, I don’t wear the short ones.
Posters! Posters would be so lovely - both of the locations in Sunless Sea as well as Fallen London ones.

Those are both what I would love to see added. Beyond that, a few different coffee cups would be nice, and, I know this has been requested before, but plushies - I would love to get a plushie of basically any of the pets, companions, or items :)[li]
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The basic store design seems pretty easy to navigate. And I second the idea of posters. Maps of Fallen London and the Unterzee would be nifty. However, I really just want a Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight. I realize you could only put six symbols on it before it burst into flames, but still…

Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight. Who’s with me?

[quote=The Dark Gentleman]Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight. Who’s with me?[/quote]Oh, absolutely! I’ve wanted one since the item was introduced.

While anticipating the paperweight, how about custom dice with Correspondence symbols on them? I’m sure this is easy to find a way to manufacture. (or maybe Devilbone Dice?)

Items I would most like to see:

-Pairs of Devilbone Dice
-Sulky Bat plushie
-Overgoat & Ubergoat plushies
-Starveling Cat plushie
-Wearable plush Exceptional Hat (something like those googly-eyed plush squid hats you may have seen at fairs)
-A deck of Madame Shoshana’s tarot cards
-Fallen London-themed journal/notebook
-Literally anything with bats on it, like seriously. [b]Bats.

[/b]And as to how the page is designed, an easier/more obvious way to check what payment options are available would be nice (it was rather tedious tracking that information down on the Spreadshirt website; it would be better if you had an easy-to-find link directly to their Help page the store page).

[color=#0066ff]It is excellent to make a thing and have the main response be ‘more of that thing!’ Thank you, dearest friends. :D[/color]

[color=#0066ff]Here’s the lowdown on your responses:[/color]

  • [color=#0066ff]We have to manage everything via a print-on-demand store, so we’re using Spreadshirt. (We don’t have the people or the space to print, pack, ship and manage returns on items ourselves.)[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]If it’s not available via Spreadshirt, it’s a huge challenge for us to do it. A shame, but true. [/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Long sleeve shirts are a possibility as they offer those! More mug designs also on the way, and I’ll take your point RE bats![/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Also, the US and EU stores have slightly different products, because they’re actually separate operations for Spreadshirt with different suppliers.[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Posters are the request I get most and I’m looking for a way to make it work.[/color][/li][li][color=#0066ff]Circumstances would have to be very exceptional indeed for us to make: dice, paperweights, plushies, tarot cards, journals, or anything you can imagine which isn’t offered by Spreadshirt. One exception has been the acrylic jewellery we’ve made for competition prizes, which only came about because our new officer manager also happens to be a talented jewellery designer![/color]

[color=#0066ff]I hope that answers some of your points! And all that being said, are there more designs you’d be interested to see?[/color]

[quote=Hannah Flynn][ul][li][color=#0066ff]If it’s not available via Spreadshirt, it’s a huge challenge for us to do it. A shame, but true.[/color][/quote][/li][/ul]Ah, unfortunate, but I suppose we’ll just have to make due unless circumstances change in the future.

Anyway, to work within what they have, some designs I can think of that seem like they’d look especially good on shirts/buttons/whatever include:

[ul][li]The Watchful, Shadowy, Dangerous, and Persuasive logos[/li][li]The Ambition logos
[/li][li]Overgoat & Ubergoat[/li][li]Parabola[/li][li]A Master of the Bazaar[/li][li]Rats
[/li][li]Zee monsters
[/li][li]The Mystic & Devious Raven Advisors[/li][li]Exceptional Hats (full-colour & silhouette)
[/li][li]The header images for various locations[/li][li]Souls
[/li][li]The Dilmun Club Lapel Badge or Red Feather Pin (particularly on buttons)[/li][li]Blemmigan[/li][li]The words &quotAll shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.&quot[/li][li]A map of Fallen London (perhaps on something like a mouse pad?)
[/li][/ul]Greyfields and Black Wings Absinthe-themed mugs or water bottles would also be pretty cool, as well as a blue mug that looks like it has a Brilliant Soul peering through from the inside (so that you can look like you’re drinking a soul). Also, Sorrow-Spider pillow cases, because who wouldn’t want to rest your head on something that’ll steal your eyes while you sleep?

If you can find a way to make posters, I would definitely love those. The artwork in the game is awesome, and I would love a ‘See the delights of Mutton Island’ poster for my office. :)

Of the items on Spreadshirt, the one that really stood out to me was the little Dog Bandana, which definitely deserves to have “Beware the Eater-of-Chains” artwork on it.

I’d love a Starveling Cat shirt, with one of the rhymes, and of the location headers, I think the House of Chimes neatly conveys “alternate London.”

I love my Correspondence shirt, by the way, and the quality is great.

If any of you carries anything with the Struggling Artist’s face on it, I will smash your face with it.

Count me in for a cartographic Unterzee poster as well.

I think a mug or shirt with “A reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely…” and the image of a well would be delicious…

I would love a Blemmigan/weasel/rat/guinea pig/clayman (any of them) plushie to be made but I’m very interested in the Correspondence shirts. Also I want to be able to read them aloud.

Not that all of them will be used, but the ideas are so freakin’ brilliant that I made a running list!


  • Watchful/Shadowy/Dangerous/Persuasive icons[/li][li]Ambition logos[/li][li]Over/Uber/Heptagoat[/li][li]A Master - or all of them, perhaps?[/li][li]Rattiness in general[/li][li]&quotRiver-rat, alley-rat, house-rat, church-rat. Boiled, fried, sautéed, grilled, seared. In buns, in pastry rolls, in pies, in stacks, on sticks, on a bed of mushrooms, on the rocks. It’s a versatile creature, your rat.&quot Perhaps illustrate all of it but the last sentence?[/li][li]Mystic/Devious Raven Advisors[/li][li]Exceptional Hat (full color/silhouette)[/li][li]&quotAll shall be well and all manner of thing shall be well&quot/&quotA reckoning shall not be postponed indefinitely&quot[/li][li]Starveling Cat rhymes (put all the endings on a shirt!)[/li][li]Team Rubbery/Team Clay[/li][li]NORTH (with all seven candles and other SMEN stuff)[/li][li]Dawn Machine/&quot-E SUN. THE SUN. THE SUN. TH-&quot[/li][li]Sulky Bat/&quotWhere are my sodding crickets?&quot[/li][li]Frostfound in the distance (Sunless Sea)
  • Varsity sweatshirts for University (Benthic/Summerset)[/li][li]Eater-of-Chains dog bandanna[/li][li]Semiotic Monocle[/li][li]Scarlet Stockings
  • Pins for all of London’s factions[/li][li]Red Feather Pin/Dilmun Club Lapel Badge[/li][li]Correspondence sigil buttons[/li][li]Black Ribbon[/li][li]Brass Ring[/li][li]Memory of Light pocket mirror[/li][li]&quotFor Your Own Good&quot compass[/li][li]Shepherd’s Timepiece
  • Sulky Bat[/li][li]Over/Uber/Heptagoat[/li][li]Starveling Cat[/li][li]Blemmigan[/li][li]Lucky Weasel[/li][li]Rattus Faber[/li][li]Guinea pig in armor[/li][li]Clay Man[/li][li]Rubbery Man[/li][li]Parabolan Panther[/li][li]Grubby Kitten[/li][li]A wearable Exceptional Hat[/li][li]Bifurcated Owl, maybe?[/li][li]Phosphorescent Scarab, maybe?[/li][li]Various Zee-monsters, if we know what they look like?
  • Greyfields wine [/li][li]Black Wings Absinthe[/li][li]Brilliant Soul jar[/li][li]Darkdrop Coffee[/li][li]SMEN-themed something (a well?)[/li][li]Velocipede Squad
  • &quotBack to writing&quot kitten mousepad[/li][li]Ray-Drenched Correspondence Paperweight ( for those who don’t know what it looks like) and/or Correspondence Stones paperweight set[/li][li]FL-themed journal/notebook[/li][li]Knife of Lost Sky letter opener[/li][li]FL calendar with all sorts of Neathy events[/li][li]Zee-themed towels (Drownies? Lorn-Flukes?)
  • Velocipede Squad decals/bag
  • Devilbone Dice (set of D&D dice, perhaps?)[/li][li]Madame Shoshana’s tarot cards[/li][li]Imitation Master’s Blood/Tears of the Bazaar in vials[/li][li]Cave of the Nadir irrigo-globe[/li][li]Patent Scrutinizer (Deluxe also available)[/li][li]First City coins[/li][li]Miniature Shrine to St. Joshua, and other Home Comforts as well?

UPDATE - November 2015: Almost forgot about this. Brought it fully up to date, categorized it, and removed some entries that were repetitive/wouldn’t really work/I didn’t understand.
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Oh, nice !

The tee-shirts feel a bit empty, but I love these mugs, I’ll order some right away x’)

All the propositions in this thread are very interesting, and would be a very good addition !

Dagnabbit, I already have enough mugs! Stop making me buy more! ;)

Parabolan Panthers and Bifurcated Owls have the potential for some pretty cool shirt designs. The Vial of Master’s Blood and Tears of the Bazaar, Correspondence Stone (which could be a paperweight too), Irrigo, the symbol on the Correspondence Plaque icon, and a NORTH shirt featuring a certain seven candles would also be amazing.
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Actually, I’ll switch those around a bit… I thought the animals would make great plushies, and the M__ B__/Tears of the Bazaar/irrigo seemed like they could be adapted into ThinkGeek-y baubles. But the Correspondence Stones and the NORTH shirt stayed the same.
There is already a Correspondence T-shirt and hoodie, by the way.
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  • I’d love a plush Cantigaster. Or a plush Phosphorescent Scarab.
  • I noticed that there is a Correspondence t-shirt, but it only has, like, six glyphs? I’d buy a shirt that had Correspondence written all over, much more freaky that way.
  • In line with the above, a t-shirt with &quotALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL SHALL BE WELL AND ALL SHALL BE WELL…&quot scrawled all over.
  • A &quotNot to be blamed for nothing&quot shirt.
  • A Memory of Light-themed pocket mirror?
  • Brass ring
  • Feducci’s black ribbons (to be worn, uh, anywhere)
  • Semiotic monocles and patent scrutinizers. Could be good for cosplay.
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