The Fallen London Festive Fanart Competition

The festive season is always a bustling time in Fallen London. ‘Snow’ will be falling. Mr Sacks will be hitting the pavements, looking for gifts for its sack. Truly a time of goodwill to all, &c.

In celebration of the season, we’re hosting a fanart competition! The theme is:

Just A Typical Neathy Christmas

Both digital and physical media are accepted (providing you can share the latter digitally), and we’re accepting photography as a form in its own right. Please note that AI generated entries are not being accepted.

The prize will be a Rubbery Plongeur, one of the rarest companions in Fallen London, who will come and wash all of the dishes left over from your revels. There are fewer than a dozen of these fellas in circulation, so a truly special prize indeed. There will be a minimum of seven winners.

Those of you who think you can’t draw: don’t be disheartened. As ever with our fanart competitions, it’s interpretation of the theme that we’re judging on. You’ll find that charm, character and a have-a-go spirit will get you a long way. (And when all else fails, make us laugh.)

You have until the 1st of January to enter in any of the following ways:

  • In this very thread
  • In the competition channel on Discord
  • In the competition thread on r/fallenlondon
  • In the #fallen london festive fanart competition tag on tumblr

Here are the full terms and conditions. We look forward to seeing your entries!


Sorry to ask what I’m sure probably sounds like a pedantic question, but what COUNTS as “an artwork”? I have a lot of ideas swirling but I’m unsure if they would count or not and I’d like a bit of guidance :> I don’t want to do a ton of work on something that wouldn’t even count haha!

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Also, another weird one I suppose, but it’s not clarified in the rules so I wanted to check: what is the stance on collaborative work?

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An artwork could be anything that you drew or made yourself, a photo you took, etc. We’re just not accepting written entries or edits/memes made from other things. I don’t mind collaborative entries! Go for it.


100% understandable, I was trying to decide if a children’s book would count or not so this cleara that up and I’ll figure out another avenue haha! Thanks so much!!!


I don’t think this is very good, but I’ve run out of time to fiddle, so here’s my submission!

I was inspired by the idea of a waking nightmare bleeding from a parbolan base camp through the mirrors in one’s home as they suffer from being snowed in each week! There are no visions of sugar plums here…

Oh well, maybe next year I’ll be able to implement the vision a little better but better to show off what I made than let it rot!!

Thanks for a great year of Fallen London, can’t wait til next year!


(crossposting because I’m paranoid about the internet eating my stuff)

Captain’s Log 24th December, 18XX: Lacre thick. Visibility poor. Setting course for the Salt Lions. Harpooned a fleshy sea beast on approach. Crew will enjoy sharing a Christmas feast with the Unmakers.


Clarifying: it didn’t show up in the tumblr tag at first and that made me sweat


Thanks for the entries! I’m doing the judging in the next few days. <3