The Fallen London deck/storylet structure

Looking at Fallen London, it looks like each location is (sort of) a storylet in itself, where you can see a text description of each option available, but you still have a deck up at the top that you can draw from.

But when I look at my own game-in-progress, or some of the other games built in Storynexus (like Samsara, or Zero Summer), I see cards above and cards below, instead of text descriptions for the cards below. I can do a weird workaround where each location is a storylet and the pinned cards are secretly branches, but then I lose access to the main deck.

I’d like to get the FL text effect working instead, where the pinned cards in a setting have text descriptions visible rather than looking like pinned cards. Is this possible within Storynexus, or is it FL-specific?

I don’t think this is possible, closest you can get is the card titles displayed on pinned cards.
I do wish it was possible though because the pinned cards section starts to look like a crowded mess after more than ten or so cards.

Now that we can edit the CSS for our games, I suspect this would be possible with sufficient cunning, at least to the extent of allowing you to display elements of the mouseover text, like the storylet title. It isn’t natively supported, though.
edited by Flyte on 12/5/2013

I was toying with an idea to let the player show and hide cards, to cut down on the clutter and get rid of cards they never use. The interface for doing that would probably be on an item in their inventory (to save adding to the clutter further).

Hmm. Thanks, everyone! I guess I’ll have to get my CSS expert on this. :)