The Face Stealer

Having completed (I believe) the delightful little quest with the Scowling Flint Idol (I was so sorry to it vanish, I do so dearly love collecting such things) I am currently hitting myself over my foolishness in wasting my opportunity to use the page of the Book of Faces.

Tell me, does this storyline ever reoccur?

I’m afraid it was a one time only story.

Ah, well. Cest la vie! Wasted opportunities are learning experiences.

If you simply must change your profile picture ingame, you can do so on the Nex tab. And there is a continuation of the story itself in “A Trade in Faces.”

Which is an excellent story, if you enjoy learning about the Face-Tailor. It is Fate-locked, but well worth it, I felt. All manner of interesting little Face-Tailor lore…