The Eyeless Skull - Useful or just Assay?

As the title implies, I have recently come into possession of an Eyeless Skull. I have always had the option of acquiring it after speaking with the Genial Magician but I never tried because I feared the effect it would have on me, especially given it’s original debut in Fallen London.

Needless to say I am horrified by this object - and yet it doesn’t seem to do anything at all. I can’t sell it and not even the museum curator wants it.

Has anyone found a use for the Eyeless Skull, or at least a drawback? The content may not have been added yet and I was wondering if this was the case.

There must be a use for them somewhere, cuz I got one for exploring the Shattered Men’s Citadel

I got mine from the Citadel too, it didn’t activate anything, probably the content isn’t there just yet.

It’s been days later, but has anyone found a downside or even a use for the Eyeless Skull? I am afraid to log back onto my game because of it.

It doesn’t do anything for now I think. Maybe next update it will do something.

The notes for the new update says it’s a mascot.

Which. O_o

(Edit: It gives +4 veils -2 mirrors)
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…wow. (A skull as a pet/mascot?, hehe. ^^)