The End of the Alarming Scholar

The Dreadful Surmise end was tamer than I expected. Given the regular descriptions I keep on imagining she might implode or catch fire while doing something scary with her teeth and jaw. Or at least turn out to be inhuman.

Has anyone found what the Dreadful Surmise is used for at any rate? It certainly comes at the cost of an interesting character and an excellent source of money. Mind you, there are now other places at Zee where you can sell your treasures.

edited by Owen Wulf on 2/8/2015

It’s required for the Zong of the Zee, but as of just prior to 1.0, there was no other use for it. I don’t know if 1.0 added a use.

Minor correction: the Scholar is intentionally presented as neither male nor female because they’re a nonbinary character, designed by a Kickstarter backer who is nonbinary themselves. Please don’t default to he or she.
(And yes they’re human but my, what sharp teeth they have.)