The election and LB rights

I and surely others want to know the candidates stance on LB rights? Please let us know during the campaign. Thanks!

They are a nuisance at worst, an asset at best but at no point are they citizens. They breed so fast and in such number they would constitute an incredible advantage in the polls should anyone pander to them- or if they should put forward one of their chieftains. They are too small and similar to prevent election fraud and are, after all, not human. They should be accounted for but should never be counted.

Speaking of candidates stances have any published a manifesto yet? I’ll need to know their opinions to make an informed decision.

More importantly, I’m certain they recognise no human authority, just as we don’t recognise any R. faber authority. Both species acknowledge that the other is sentient, inventive, and (annoyingly for both sides) equipped with hands. But that’s as far as it goes.

I’m also under the impression that they have hustings of their own, even if the voting system is…unorthodox. Ever seen Hogarth’s ‘Humours of an Election’? An L.B. once described those paintings approvingly to me, as showing that at least one human understood the best way of picking a government: victory by any means.

I admit that it’s tempting to envy a system that values nothing in a ruler but survival skills, and makes hypocrisy impossible. But I wonder if this passion for being ruled by squabbling warlords isn’t the only thing that protects us from an actual L.B. conquest. Let’s keep our electoral systems separate. Pragmatism is their lifeblood, and hypocrisy is ours.

The Church dislikes heretical L.Bs, apparently.
According to “The Departed”.

If they would prefer to live beyond our laws, to gain no benefit and suffer no penalty from our choices, let them remain outside our electoral processes. But if they’ve the drive and desire to participate in the society we’ve built down here under the world? What benefit could we hope to gain from stopping them?[li]

What benefit could we hope to gain by hunting down Snuffers, even?
By throwing rocks at Rubberies?