The Elder Continent Approaches?

I can’t find any other threads discussing this, so: the Echo Bazaar twitter feed has posted mentions of the Carnelian Coast, along with something about an area called the Boreal Reach and Adam’s Cape. Posts of this sort are usually preludes to the release of new content, and the Carnelian Coast in particular has been mentioned as being involved in the next book of Persuasiveness (not sure which number that’d be; likely book three). [li]

So, there are two possibilities:
One: Fallen London is planning a crossover with Runescape.
Two: We’re on the brink of gaining access to the Elder Continent!

Last time I tried to post the content directly from the Twitter feed, yesterday, I ended up slinking off with my tail between my legs, no longer able to post replies at all for some odd reason. But if you’re interested, all three snippets are located within the most recent five tweets.

It’s a lead-up to this week’s content snippet.

Also I assume Adam’s Way is going to be one of many late-game destinations in Sunless Sea. And the Boreal Reach is the NORTHmost point on the map that was posted.

Damn it. Sorry; false alarm. =(

I can’t speak for weekly snippets nor for the next major FL update, but Sunless Sea beta will be here in less than two months, so at least some of the promotion is certainly on that account!
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Apparently not.

Although it IS definitely clues to places we’ll be able to visit in Sunless Sea, so it’s close I guess.

I’m still hoping. We’ve been waiting a long time for this.

Although when reading through the Sunless Sea site, it was interesting to discover that the Pentecost Apes had been brought up a while back, although not directly named as such.

The Carnelian Coast is also mentioned at the end of the University storyline (unless I’m remembering incorrectly) if you choose certain options, so there would be more than one reason for it to be brought up.

Here’s a question: Won’t it be really weird if Sunless Sea comes out in a playable state and permits travel NORTH and to the Carnelian Coast before the base game (Fallen London) does? Won’t that kind of prematurely reveal the secrets of these locations? It’s sort of a weird inversion of effort if that ends up being the case and I sincerely hope it doesn’t end up that way.[li]

I think the idea is for the game to work together in establishing the lore of the setting, while each having their own individual emphasis w/r/t plot. The map we saw of the zee showed us just how small of a chunk we’re capable of zailing too, and even Polythreme is relatively close, despite taking two zee journeys.

Chances are we’ll never be able to make it to Irem or Kingeater Castle in Fallen London proper, but conversely, we probably won’t be discovering the true nature of the Bazaar’s mission and its Message in Sunless Sea.

I wouldn’t say &quotweird inversion of effort.&quot Failbetter needs to exist in order to provide content. They need to make money on their effort in order to exist. Sunless Sea is a revenue generating activity. The likely result is that the Fallen London exploration of additional overzee areas will be mostly free-to-play, instead of non-existent or strict paywalled.

I bought into Sunless Sea during the Kickstarter Campaign, and I am hopeful that parts of that project will find its way into the base game. The team will hopefully use some of the places, lore and creatures from Sunless Sea for extra content in Fallen London. And honestly, I’ll pay whatever is needed in order to continue my hunt for the Vake.

[color=#009900]Inland progress in Sunless Sea is limited. You won’t go far into the Pale Wastes beyond Whither; you won’t be governing Port Carnelian or exploring the Elder Continent. Conversely, in the main FL game, we won’t model travel to some of the farther weirder places in SS. There are overlaps, but your perspective and goals in each game will be very different.[li][/color]
[color=#009900]But I’m afraid no, it’s very unlikely there’ll be any Carnelian Coast content in FL before SS launches. It’s a big undertaking, and me and Chris have our hands full with Sunless Sea and the project we finally got to talk about last week…[/color]

[color=#009900]and, yes, the lore goes both ways! Pentecost Apes, the Tree of Ages, Blue Prophets, Lorn-Flukes, the Poet-Pirate and milliner-bats all started out as Sunless Sea content.[/color][li]

Awww. =P Thanks for the info; either way, it’s great lore!

I just hope that I’m not locked out of too much content in Sunless Sea due to arriving here post-Kickstarter.

[color=#009900]All content in Sunless Sea will be available eventually to non-backers for a Nex-ish sort of price - it’s only a six-month exclusivity period we committed to (and the exclusive material is a very tiny proportion of the ocean of content).
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Thank you for the good news. I’ve been a fan of roguelike and exploration games since Moria and am quite eager to poke around the exotic material Sunless Sea promises.