The Ebb and Flow of Regret

The conclusion of Evolution’s focus on regrets has had me thinking about the rare handful of game regrets that I’ve dwelled on. I regret not purchasing the Vake teeth augmentation during Bag a Legend in my haste to conserve echoes; from what I’ve been told by support there’s unlikely to be a second chance, apparently that particular dentist is out of business or something. More recently, possibly due to being tardy to the event, for some reason I’ve been unable to locate The Final Resting Place of an Old Friend. I’ve contacted support about the issue, and if there’s nothing to be done for it I will simply assume that IC, my Obliterator’s last charge was so glorious that the Sun itself chose to ascend it to it’s court rather than let it languish in the Neath.

What major story or gameplay-related regrets have you experienced while playing Fallen London? Things that if you could turn back time, you’d dearly like to correct. If you could resolve them by paying Fate or by some other means-did you?

Nice bold warning text, hard to select this option by accident, right? But it was the first branch in the storylet, and it’s right next to this one:

Hm, that second branch has a similar-looking block of bold text, saying something that doesn’t actually seem important enough to mention, so I guess bold text doesn’t make a very good warning after all.

One option is basically “I want to start exploring this area,” and the other is “I want to permanently opt out of this area’s story”. I clicked the wrong one. I call it the “wrong one” because obviously no one would ever click that option on purpose. It’s a pure trap. I’m still a little miffed about that.


I sold my kid to Mr Fires. I regretted it massively at the time, but the sting faded a little bit after it tells you about all the paid leave Fires’ workers are getting.


Huh, I don’t even remember if I picked the wrong one for that. I must not have because I dimly remember fiddling (no pun intended) around in the lower rivers after some sort of resolution with the Gondolier (who, by the way, deserves absolutely no nice things)

Be funny if, given Mr. Fires is indicating that it’s lonely and in deep need of someone to share it’s schemes with, going forward the “sell your kid” option ends up being the best way to help London’s factory workers simply by having Mr. Fires’ ear. I thought the payoff was supposed to be the diamond and it’s lifegiving properties but from what I’ve seen it’s a roughly 50/50 split slightly in favour of exclusive access to Mr. Fires’ business dealings.

Apparently there’s even some Bright Future related text about it?

I ran into this with accepting ambitions. At the time, I just chose on what stats I had highest, and by the time I really got a handle on my character, I was far too deep to step out and start again. I still enjoyed Bag a Legend, but it did take me ages to complete (against all my real life better judgement, I kind of like the Masters and the Bazaar and so I hung on for literal years before hitting the ‘boom’ button).

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