The Duchess changed my school!

So, I had already access to court and had started working on a novel there.
With the change to progression, my storylet to go to the court was gone, so I took the audience storylet. The Duchess kept buggering me with questions, so I choose the answer that looked Watchful-ish (because that fits my character best). Only that it didn’t do anything like that, instead it changed my Identified with a School quality from &quotYou reject all labels and associations! You are your own creature&quot to &quotThe Bazaarines, both venal and visionary, who find inspiration in the engine of commerce and mystery that is the Bazaar&quot.
Not nice, I liked my old quality, and it was more fitting for my character. Is there a way to revert this?

Changing schools should be pretty simple at the Singing Mandrake in Veilgarden.

Thanks a lot, this particular storylet didn’t appear for me before. Solved!