The Dilmun Club

Hmmm… I appear to have mislaid my membership of the Dilmun Club.

Having traversed the various and expensive tasks to join the Dilmun Club, and enlisted the sponsorship of the Bishop of St Fiacres, I was seemingly accepted as a member.

All was well, I received my members pin.

Yet now there is no record of my membership other than my pin, and the club seems to have disappeared from the face of the Neath. I most definitely did not leave the club after all that effort?

Any ideas most learned individuals?

That’s because you’ve reached the end of that story for now. You’re gonna see an &quotImpossible!&quot option on the Seekers of the Garden card: that’s the current content boundary. Look under the Story tab on the Myself page, your Associating with Radical Academics quality should be at 7.

It is indeed. That’s unfortunate, as it leaves my ‘Club’ slot open at my lodgings, even though I clearly joined the Dilmun Club in the storyline.
edited by Nokando on 11/7/2014

The Club slot is for something else: when you’re a PoSI, you can join a club that’s not part of a story the way the Dilmun club is. It’s pretty much there only to grant BDR points, which make your life easier when you’re grinding Notability. The end of the Dilmun content is a bit abrupt, but we’re going to see more of it eventually.

Actually the game told you that: The Dilmun Club is a secret club, so you cannot tell people about it, so it doesn’t count as a social identity. You’ll have to join a public club to fill the slot.
edited by zbr308 on 11/7/2014