The Dawn Machine

So once I’ve given enough Vital Intelligence to London to make it Glorious and thus change the 'Neath as we know it… can I start selling my Vital Intelligence to the Diplomat without having to worry about the Dawn Machine rising and taking the Admiral (and my free fuel source) away?

Or is the Dawn Machine unable to override London’s supremacy so I should sell away? I’m not sure how old the info in the Wiki is on these matters.

The Dawn Machine supremacy event can trigger even with London already supreme. Even if it couldn’t trigger you’d still have trouble, as the uncapped Dawn Machine supremacy gains from selling Vital Intelligence would eventually be enough to lock the Admiral.

I guess that’s the price to pay for trying to make money.
Thanks. Looks like I’ll always stick to being a London patriot no matter how much extra money is offered to betray them. :)

But I’d lose access to the Admiral, the free fuel and the money provided by Port Reports.
Sure I’m making thousands on each run through artefacts and stuff and waste so much money on overpriced fuel at other ports… but is it really worth it to remove the Admiral and his money-giving, fuel-providing services?

Unfortunately, my sense of “Recurring Free Stuff” trumps the one-time benefit of the New Sequence.

Maybe start selling to the Diplomat when you’ve completed an Ambition and are ready for a new Captain anyway. That’s my plan for this go round.

I went East. And not just East and sent back, but I sang Salt’s Song while doing it.
Starting from scratch, even with doubled stats from trophies is still slow and horrible :(
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