The Crooked Cross

I am wondering if someone might be able to hint as to how I might acquaint myself with the Crooked Cross in the Shuttered Palace? The road of my ambitions has led me to requiring the services of this particular person, although I am not sure who it might actually be. My current suspicions are set on one Bohemian Sculptress in particular…

And please, a hint if you would, rather than a direct answer, I do appreciate a little challenge and mystery.

Not sure if its the one you’re talking about, but there is a part of the Heart’s Desire ambition, depending on certain actions, where you need to sneak a painting back into the palace. One option to do so requires you to be a Crooked Cross and you reach out to a member of the counter-church who is in the palace. Going through with it explains who it is. Here’s what they have on the wiki. Don’t think you can ever meet with them other than that though.

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That’s exactly what I was talking about, so if I understand correctly I need to have Crooked Cross as my profession? If so, that’s not happening anytime soon…

Thanks a bunch for the information.