The Conclusion for the Season of Adoration?

so, hey - do we know when the previous season’s tie in storylete will be released? iirc all the previous seasons have had their concluding stories released by this point in the ES cycle.

We never know. I think you’re right that this is later than any previous one, but by definition there will always be a season holding the record. Right now there’s been a very bumpy attempt at deploying a new site, which triggered a lot of bugs and problems for everyone, and then immediately the election rolled out, and this comes only a few months after financial troubles that led to layoffs and thus a smaller team. I can’t say this isn’t understandable or is particularly surprising.

[quote=Dudebro Pyro]I think you’re right that this is later than any previous one[/quote]Not yet! ;)

The conclusion to the Season of Revolutions was released only ten days before the third and final story of the subsequent Season of Wrecks.

So, Failbetter still have almost another month to go before setting a new record for lateness. :)
edited by phryne on 6/27/2018

They are pretty busy lately, unfortunately.

[color=#e53e00] It has not been forgotten, do not worry![/color]

Cool! Thanks for letting us know.