The Club of the Devoured: Answering the Questions


I have returned after a long time. For good? Who knows.

I was last driven to finger-gnawing frustration by the Winking Isle, and I’m gonna make another earnest try to get to the bottom of it. If I get through, I am almost certainly not turning back at the last door. Even after all the Fate I’ve poured on my character… although that’s a matter for another thread.

But there is one thing poking at my sanity: the Questions. Specifically, how a character can apparently only ask one. I know that the game itself asks us not to share the ending of SMEN publicly. But does this extend to the fellow Seekers that got to the end of their (our?) cursed pursuit? Are those who bore the unthinkable allowed to share their findings? If that’s the case, what are the Questions that you brought NORTH and you’d be willing to share with fellow &quotsuccessful&quot Seekers?

(I’d be interested in knowing the statistics about &quotsuccessful&quot Seekers’ favorite Question(s) anyway, so feel free to reply even if you’re not going to share the answer)