The Clockwork Sun - Text around the Dawn Machine

Good day captains!

You probably remember the launch trailer of the game, with his tiny vessel charting the Unterzee while bits of text popped over the water. It worked very well to deepen the atmosphere, and I really loved it, and was a little disappointed when it was nowhere to be seen in game.
So, working in the guts of the game, to try and determine what was possible in terme of world modding (I did manage to bring a giant mushroom at wolfstack dock), I decided to try and use the label system, made to mark places of importance in an attempt to bring back the trailer’s feeling.

You may find the mod here:
The Clockwork Sun at Sunless Sea Nexus - Mods and community?

As always, feedback is appreciated.

It’s not much, but I find it quite elegant and useless, and thus absolutely neccessary for everyone :)

Fair zees to you!

Fantastic. It is a pity that it is one-time fire only (discovered landmarks can’t be altered by events like qualities, right? So we can’t have some auto-fire event, like, when returning to London, that would reset this “label” subset of discoveries?), but it is probably as much as can be achieved without messing with The Engine.

A pity it is indeed. It would take some heavy scripting to mess with savegames in order to erase labels. Or I don’t know. Some kind of post processing adding a layer of labels over the game? Sounds like a nightmare to make ^^
But yeah, sometimes I wish we had access to more than just Json files :/

Hah - that, actually, wouldn’t be so bad, a script running in background and removing labels by filter every few seconds or so. This way, we could have every location-specific journal entry recreated on map.

BUT, and it is big &quotbut(t)&quot, game would need to re-read data from save - and we can’t force it during runtime, without manual re-loading. Other option is some in-memory hack (like those cheat programs) to erase them from running game memory state, but it is grandiosely unfeasible (so much work for such small and potentially unreliable effect).

Still, nice to have such PoC little surprise near dawn machine!