The Civet

The conclusion to the Season of Silver implies some interesting things about the mysterious spy known as the Civet. With that in mind, let’s gather up everything that is known this character. Here’s what I have so far:

[ul][li]If you make up material to provide to a foreign agent, you pretend to be the Civet, who is described as &quotmysterious and flamboyant.&quot[/li][li]When trying to obtain a landau of dubious provenance, the one you’re buying supposedly had the Civet thrown from it.
[/li][li]In the Foreign Office, the Devout Intriguer tasks you with hunting a spy who might be the Civet, but this proves to not be the case.[/li][li]If you steal a manuscript for the Cheesemonger, you find the Civet’s calling card in the manuscript.[/li][/ul]
Is the Civet mentioned (or do they appear) anywhere else?
edited by James Sinclair on 3/6/2018

Well now, not the kind of guy that gathers lore as I didn’t find the time nor a great format for doing so.

But I do enjoy reading it even if I forget. Plus, plus, plus for making this compilation, mate!