The City in Silver and other delights to come

I thought this deserved its own forum thread, not just for the hype, but for the art alone:

As for the hype: while on one hand, I can hardly wait for TLU City, on the other I know it’s only gonna get better the longer Failbetter can work on it.

I’m definitely rather glad the 12 Days of Sacks list of Fate-stories finds its conclusion. I think they absolutely scraped the barrel of that concept.

Also: Rats!


I had been hoping for a Church story, since I think that’s the only faction missing, but it’s probably better to let it end.

But for everything else, I’m very excited! Though perhaps not to see what circumstance caused that chap to be on a leash…

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Glad it’s coming, with a release date and everything! Based on the name “silver” and a few other hints, I think the Moon and its extended family is going to feature prominently, so I need to write up that Fan Theory/Exegesis on Moonish Light that I’ve been sitting on for a year.

Getting ready for the FBG-backed updated, modernized version of Rat Sending Simulator. Tis the season!


Perfect for a city next to Balmoral! I wonder if FBG will give us some numbers regarding player’s TLU City location. :slight_smile:


Isn’t it after you finish marigold, YOU pick where the Emancipationist tracklayer’s city is?

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Hence the desire for statistics, if I am understanding correctly

FBG does provide broad ones sometimes for either informational or entertainment purposes (I’m thinking of “good morning to the 94% of you who bought a stone ushabti” haha)


It’s before laying the final track to reach Marigold. So, yes, TLU City is quite far as content.

Exactly my hopes!

Ooooh, yes! :smiley: :smiley:

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I’m looking forward to this more than can be helped. I loved building up my stations.

I got an opportunity card for a new TLU related activity in London! It is purple-bordered, titled “Rumours from the Vicinity of Balmoral” (Which happens to be where I chose my TLU city to be). I don’t know how long the activity is as I’ve just drawn the card but I thought I’d let you guys know. I drew the card in London, in Watchmaker’s Hill. Just so you don’t get overly excited before you draw it yourselves, it does mention right off the bat that the TLU city update is coming 18th january, so I guess this is more like an appetizer.


Worth pointing out that the one choice you make on this card is very important: it gives you a hidden quality called “Hinterland City - Motive” showing your intentions regarding the city. Having to do this now, before we know anything of the rewards/consequences etc of each choice, is quite nerve-wracking!

There are 6 possible motives:

  • Helping
  • Investigating
  • Profiteering
  • Try to find out how the City that was Furnace feels about herself now

These are only available if you swapped Furnace for someone else:

  • Try and make things right with the Creditor
  • Follow up on your romantic intentions for Furnace

Oh, wow, the hidden quality went right past me. Is there a guide somewhere on how to check for such things? I’ve seen hidden qualities mentioned here and there on the forums and wiki but never really knew how to access them in-game.

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Guide on viewing such qualities.


I’m so glad you’re excited!

If there are ever stats you’re interested in knowing, it can’t hurt to ask about them. What generally happens is, unless I remember because I have a task associated with an event or story, stats just sort of happen occasionally. But having a few questions in a list to take to one of the database wranglers doesn’t hurt (they don’t let me wrangle it myself, can you imagine). You could message me here or email with your curious thoughts and I’ll add them to my list for eventual discovery. :)


I definatly hate removing “12 days of Mr Sacks”.
Christmas already has very little of free content. And yes, “12 days” had free content - you could choose one of a fraction… but could choose nothing and enjoy the free story.

Explanation “not every people can finish every story in 12 days” seems absurd. For example, I begun to play regulary at the summer of 2022. I will never receive “Preserver of London” and many others cool retired things. And what’s the problem? Yes, it’s a bit sad, but it’s normal. I should not receive items which other players worked hard to obtaine in the past.

I finished “12 days” ones (for bohemians) and was absolutly content that I shall not see every story. But I was intended to buy other fraction story. Now, when free part of “12 days” will be deleated, I shall not look at that opportunity at all.

Removing “12 days” leads to frustration, and I even questioning myself if it is worth to continue playing.

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To quote from the News post:

So we’re leaving it as it stands now

It’s not being deleted, it’s not going anywhere, it’s simply not being expanded upon anymore. Anything that was there, will still be there. So you will still be able to play through the other Factions stories if you want to.


Okaaay… It seems I misread (and automatically assumed worse).

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