The Cider Murders!

[quote]Front page of the Magazine Formaly Known As The London Magazine:


Eariler today, Nigel Overstreet, notorious Bohemien and the most hedonistic man in Fallen London, was found dead on the roof of the Shuttered Palace, a peice of broken metal stabbed through his heart. The only clues left behind as to who did it were a Sanguine Ribbon made from the victim’s blood left behind at the scene and a note from the Black Ribbon Society stating that the murder was, in fact, a official duel. When Overstreet revived he said &quotI was told by the would be duelist to give a message: he would be coming for any Cider holders who had a interest in testing the… limits of their immortality. Or something like that anyway. Look I’ve got a party to go to now and I’m not going to let a bit of metal in my heart stop me. it takes effort to stay the most hedonistic you know.&quot Cider holders across the city have been advised to lock their doors and brush up on fighting techniques.[/quote]


The premise is simple: if you hold Cider, and want to duel to the death, invite me to a bout. The first to rid the streets of London of this Cider killing menace and restore peace of mind to the holders of such a drink gets…

…I don’t know, I’ve not planned that far ahead. The satisfaction of ridding London of a menace?

But BE WARNED! Should you perish, I WILL take some of your drink! (Read: send me a sip.) SO SHALL HE NEVER DIE


Step One: Get or have Cider. This means should I kill you, you will not be inconveinced.

Step Two: Send me a invite to a duel to the death. It can be found under the Wounds and Danger option in your lodgeings. MAKE SURE TO MENTION YOU HAVE CIDER IN THE INVITE SOMEWHERE. This is mainly because I do not know every holder so mentioning you have it makes it easier for me.

Step Three: We fight. If you lose, simply use your one action to get off the river. If you win, enjoy your shiny new ribbon!

Step Four (Optional) This is on the matter of Cider sips. While I did say above if I win I will take some, You do NOT need to send any kind of CIder sip on win or loss. I merely included that for flavor text. If you kill me, I think it would be courtious to send a sip (Since I am now at 8 wounds and risk the river), and feel free to send a sip if I win and you want to RP my win or something, but, and I want to make this clear, sips do not need to be sent out at any point. Merely do so if either you want to RP me taking some, or if you want to be courtious to a now dead foe.

(OOC: The real reason I made this was because I wanted to maybe duel some people to the death but did not want to inconvience people by setting them on the river. So I intend to duel those who can get back to the city in one action rather then a ton. Also, if I should die and you can offer sips to the dead I won’t say no.)
edited by Kylestien on 7/30/2017

Clever idea, best of luck with it.

it is actually very sweet and considerate that you guys want to focus on stabbing the other immortals as to not inconvenience the regular citiziens (although I imagine most of us are stockpiling various horse-shaped trinkets as we speak, so it’s not a big inconvenience). you’re like reverse-feducci.

on the other hand, (dramatic revolutionary voice) oh look at this the bourgeois at it again exclusive murder what else will the wealthy think of

Personally, I’m fine with dying. I need to brush up on my chess skills with Death anyway.

I am currently in a duel alas, just waiting for the reply. If you wish to duel me, send me a invite when free. I will take on any Immortal.

(I should probably add the rules of the games)

There was all this criticism during the election about how Feducci isn’t fair because he’s encouraging duels to the death while being immortal.

And now there’s this new &quotlethal&quot sparring option, and as a Cider holder I was like: &quotwell, hmmm… actually…:&quot :-)

well look at you go, you rascal- turns out it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? >D

well look at you go, you rascal- turns out it’s all a matter of perspective, isn’t it? >D[/quote]
Well, I’ve never made that claim against Feducci myself :-) I always thought that if you choose to challenge him you should expect him to be incredibly hard to beat.

My character is, in fact, a Tomb-Colonist, does that make him immortal enough to warrant a duel, Kylestien?

Ah, lovely. I don’t mind killing you, if that’s what you’re after. Look, I’ll send you 3 sips of cider either way, but there really isn’t a lot of chance of it going under for me. Send me the request if you’d like, and we’ll have as many goes of it as you need before you can admit you can’t win. I’ll keep my cider handy in case either of us need it. Cheers?