The Cheery Man

I know there is some new content with the Cheery Man, and I know it can be accessed if you turn down the Bruiser’s first job offer and ask for another. But if I haven’t done that, is there any way to move on to that new content?

I was under the impression it was accessed by turning down the job offer after the first one. As in, the first mission is always delivering brilliant souls and then you can turn down retrieving souls for a special mission anytime later.

You don’t have to deliver Souls at all. Option for another job is available the first time he asks you for a favour

I turned him down and he’s just disappointed and it says our business is concluded.

And I know I don’t have to deliver souls at all, but I am already doing so and I’d like to move on and was wondering if that was an option, Mat. Heh

I turned him down, finished one of the two new storylets (it seems you could just do one for captain) and now whenever i return to port i have the first notice that says “The blind bruiser would have a word with you”, but there isn’t any option to talk with him.

Don’t know if it’s working as intended or my savegame is bugged.

[quote=Frenzgyn]I turned him down, finished one of the two new storylets (it seems you could just do one for captain) and now whenever i return to port i have the first notice that says &quotThe blind bruiser would have a word with you&quot, but there isn’t any option to talk with him.

Don’t know if it’s working as intended or my savegame is bugged.[/quote]
I haven’t heard anything since turning him down either.

Update: It seems like this DOES NOT WORK. You can only pick up one mission for the Bruiser per game. There are three, apparently? I haven’t seen the third one, just the souls one and the Cheery Man health one.

I did one of the new missions, afterwards the Bruiser has been alternatively wanting a word and departing but I can’t interact with him. Something seems a little buggy. I don’t know if one mission per captain is intended and the Bruiser hanging around is the bug or if you’re supposed to be able to have other interactions with him and your inability to do so is what’s bugged.

I rejected his initial request and was asked to instead find the Last Constable. So I guess that’s random.

I’d report that. The one mission per captain thing I got was from sending in the question along with a bug report I was putting in anyway.

I’ll send a bug report next time it happens.

If I did a souls run for Bruiser and then turned him down after that, do I ever get to start running quests for him again? Or is Bruiser gone for good?
If his gone for good, is it possible to saveedit him back? I have no desire to start a new captain.

If you decline him, he stays gone for that captain. Someone else will be better able to give advice on save-editing, but I’d recommend just keeping yourself busy with other stuff until something unexpected happens and the captain dies anyway. Captains having a short life expectancy and the player starting over often is a part of the game; if you try to get a perfect game on your first try, you’re in for a lot of disappointments.

“Explore. Take risks. Your first captain will probably die. Later ones may succeed.”

Unfortunately I cant stand a game mechanic where you spend 10 hours to build up a character then discard it because of reasons out of your control and you need to start with a new captain with minimal progress coming over from previous game. I did lost a couple of captains in the start but my current one is 10+ hours alive and I have no desire to lose him. I probably stop playing the moment my current captain perishes.
A rougelike game IMHO should be short and fast to compensate for no saves and permadeath. I’m not bashing the game as I like it well enough. I just dont agree with its rougelike elements. I would enjoy this game much more if it would have been a CRPG.

You don’t have to play with permadeath on - you can start using saves.

I dont have any problem with permadeath as such, and save slots do not save (see what I did there:) you from the rougelike elements of the game though. A good example is the Blind Bruiser who is permanently gone if you turned him down. For example I turned him down because he forced me to run a veeeery long trip to the other side of the map very early in the game twice in a row and I was not ready to do that so I turned him down. I would happily run smuggling for him again at another time but, alas, he is gone because the game thinks that If I want to run Bruiser again I need to die and create a new captain. Well I just disagree with such game design. It’s not like my captain insulted him or such. Where is the option to contact smugglers on your own?
And the game is full with such design choices and these frustrate me.
Another example is the whole Snow Child quest line from start to finish - run run run run literally for your life because if you did one stop too many on your road to target port then you just literally die because why not, right. I got lucky with my stops as I later found out that if I would have gotten one more notification from Sack then I would have died on the spot without much warning. I mean the quest is designed to be trial and error where the trial and error can take several hours through several captains lives. That just does not agree with me. And OMG I just remembered Station III that literally takes away my quest item for Snow Child and I was like WTF just happened where do I get a new one… Who the F designs a quest that way?
:D my gaawd.
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You can always save before making a big decision and reload if it results in something unexpected like that. Also, you don’t have to die to reset quests - you could always, for instance, win the game, and retire fabulously wealthy, leaving your next captain a mansion full of riches and stat-boosting items.

Savescumming helps a lot in cases where an outcome is chance based (like playing chess in a particular port) but does not help in any way in quests that are awfully designed from ground up. Unless you want to have a different save file for tens or hundred of states in the game. No game should be played like that. IMHO it is a sign of poor design. I mean I cant imagine FbG had a meeting where someone said: “Lets make a game that is a slog to play with permadeath so that whenever a player character dies it takes hours if not tens of hours for that player to get back on track.” <- I read this sentence and shudder.

Sunless Sea would be a tremendous game if it would be short or separated into independent chapters. I mean if shit hits the fan then no worries you could be back on track in a matter of maybe tens of minutes or an hour max. But in this game it is a real slog to do anything or to get anywhere. The setting, stories and atmosphere is excellent though.

Just in case I get misunderstood - I really like the game. I would not have spent 14h playing it otherwise. But I have zero desire to play it again once my current captain dies. I just think the game could be much better. And of course a better quest design overall would not hurt. Just IMHO of course.

I hope that their next game, Sunless Skies, takes a different approach.

Sent a bug report and they said the problem would be fixed with the next build.