The Chapel of Lights...the Chapel of LIGHTS?

Sure, the Chapel of Lights has fires and torches and things, but if you visit there enough you realize that’s not exactly what they’re interested in up there. So is that what &quotlights&quot necessarily means? What if it means sense 2, as in &quotlungs&quot, as in &quotheart and lights&quot…As in something that could be eaten. As in, a reckoning will not be postponed indefinitely…

Am I experiencing an apophenic fit, or am I merely cottoning on to something everyone else already knows?

As a non-native speaker I wasn’t aware of this meaning of “lights”, so thanks for bringing this up… the name doesn’t really make any sense otherwise, so you could be on the right path there!

Huh - I’m not a native speaker either but I have been speaking English for decades, and I wasn’t aware of this…

Well, the Drowned God is

MR. Eaten, who was Mr. Candles, so the lights represent him.

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I’m a native English speaker and I wasn’t aware of this. O.o

Students of the lore will also note that there is a large well on the Chapel’s island.

[quote=OctaviaCrowe]Well, the Drowned God is

MR. Eaten, who was Mr. Candles, so the lights represent him.[/quote]

Fyi - you can put ‘spoiler’ in square brackets to hide the text. It looks something like this: [replace with spoiler]Text to hide[/replace with spoiler]

And when done correctly:

Is Mr Eaten the monk that greets you at the chapel then? I keep seeing people refer to him on the forums, but I’m not sure who we are talking about. And Mr. Candles - does that mean he is a Master of the Bazaar? I’ve been playing Fallen London for about a year now, and there is still so much I don’t know. I haven’t yet made &quotPerson of some importance&quot

Mr Eaten is Mr Candles. He was a Master who was stabbed, drowned in a well, and consumed. Mr Veils arranged it in order to obtain the Third City as well as eliminate a perceived threat. Whether Mr Eaten was actually involved in what happened in the Second City isn’t known, as far as I’m aware. I haven’t played Sunless Sea yet, so I’m not sure if there are any clues about what actually happened back then.

Thanks Sara!

If you don’t mind me asking - did you find all that out as part of normal play in Fallen London, or is it hidden behind fate locked stories?
If part of normal play, do I need to raise my &quotConnected to Masters&quot trait to get to them?

That’s the kind of background information I’d really like to get to, but I feel like most of all I encounter is silly errands. I’m hoping this is mainly just because I haven’t reached &quotperson of some importance&quot status yet. In many ways, I feel like I’ve almost learned more about the Fallen London universe from a few weeks playing Sunless Sea than I have in a year playing Fallen London.
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Its mostly in the Seeking Mr. Eatens Name storylets, which have been shut down due to being both unofficial amd ruinously damaging. They may come back some day.

That’s somewhat reassuring :)

I was, but only due to a lifetime of reading fantasy books filled with archaic English, and history books filled with even more.

I song Old English songs in the shower, even.

actually, Mr. Eaten gets a storylet at Sacksmas where he asks you to accept his heart and lights. so probably a good connection there.

i also was unaware of this meaning until FL. and then it turned up in my early and middle english literature class. :P

There’s also a story in Shepherd Isles, one of the Thornwell Croft-related ones that references “The Ship of Lights” but Light in that one is referred to as “that old devil”. If Light is literally a devil that’s kind of inconsistent. If the crofters just meant devil metaphorically it would make more sense.

A ship captained by Mr Eaten…eeeeeeeee.