The Cave Of Nadir?

My progress in a certain storylet tells me I should be able to find this in the Forgotten Quarter now, but upon traveling there I discover it is sadly nowhere to be found![li]

Am I missing something? Is there a requirement I have not met that I am unaware of? I feel terribly lost… and it’s not a feeling to which I am accustomed!

Which storylet do you mean? The Cave has many requirements.

Cave Of Nadir only shows up when finish extensive card-based storyline. Then, you have to grind for 6 item that can only be obitained through Rare Success in Certain actions in FQ. Good luck…

Ah, I was trying to be circumspect to prevent the sharing of spoilers, but I have attained &quotIntimate with a Secular Missionary 16&quot

The storylet informed me that the route would be open, but I do not as of yet see it…

Okay, you need to go to the Forgotten Quarter, look for the storylet &quotAn Expedition in the Forgotten Quarter&quot, build up some Expedition Supplies (you need 10 to even see the expedition options and 60 to begin the Nadir expedition, but you’ll probably want more than that if you hope to complete it;) then choose the &quotBegin an Expedition&quot option, and there you’ll find the beginning of the search for the Cave. In addition to having reached that level of Intimate with a Secular Missionary, you’ll need to have completed enough expeditions to reach Archaeologist level 5, and to have found an Eyeless skull somewhere in the Quarter.