The Cat that Ate the Canary

This is what one of the lines in my Companions column looks like:

I get the sense that I’m going to come home and see nothing but a mess of feathers and a very satisfied kitten with a look on it’s face that says “What? I didn’t do anything.”
edited by Nigel Overstreet on 3/3/2013

With those ravens? Surface ravens are already bold and clever enough to sneak up on cats and pull their tails… that lot, I think, would have your poor kitten hanging upside-down from the sideboard with the sherry decanter on her head.

And you don’t even want to know what they did to the pour Tomb-Lion. It would be more bearable if the Rattus Faber didn’t find it all so hysterical.

Oh, lor’ - now I can’t but imagine the sound of a Tomb-Lion… unravelling.

“…I do believe I shall not go to bed this evening…”

Nightmares is increasing…