The Calendar Board (Balmoral spoilers)

So now we can invite January, April, July, August and September to the Board. Almost half of the Council. Just imagine the sheer hilarity of watching them sit in order out of habit and pretend that they see each other for the first time (especially if the Board Secretary is the only unaware person in the room).

My excitement as a CC fan is immeasurable, but the incompleteness is not our way, so let me propose some more:

• can explain what’s the matter with the Debt in the First City as an eyewitness
• is already up to something in the Hinterlands
• loves checking in and out, and thus will never tire of reinviting the Entrepreneur
• Virginia and the Bishop of St. Fiacre’s will be happy to see him again, probably

• one word: coffee
• when voted out, will be only thankful because we might have done it another way
• no business meeting is complete without coffee
• we have plenty of working men, surely they need a friend
• have I mentioned coffee?

• has cookies (fresh from the dark side of the High Wilderness), though I’m not sure if I want to try them ever again
• we may find out that we have accidentally ventured South instead of West, but hey, everybody loves the wondrous surprises of exploration

Feel free to add ;)

Wait, we can have January and September on the Board?

My intention from the very start was to invite as many board members as possible to indirectly flex on most factions in the Neath and to provide myself with the most options / expertise, and now it’s landed me into a dilemma of sorts. I am strongly against the Calendar Council and the Liberation of Night, and while the Jovial Contrarian and July aren’t a problem, I cannot say the same for September and January. I also deeply resent the fact that I can’t invite April to the Board since she’s Bag a Legend exclusive, so there’s that.

I wonder if they will re-introduce the other Months like March, June, and November at this rate, or if there will be an Exceptional Story where all have to meet. We’ve seen the Masters interact as a group during Heart Desire’s conclusion, so it’ll be interesting to see what a Calendar Council get-together looks like in the future.

Appointing September as a Castellan unlocks an option to invite him to the Board, which in turn unlocks January.

Yes! I’d love it.

Gosh! I won’t be able to appoint September until Friday, so, that’s something to look forward to. Does January have new art, by any chance?

Sadly, no. Just a snowflake. (And I wasn’t prepared to get into Christmas mood instead of Hallowmas…)

Just a wild speculation:

Now we have a suspiciously wide range of Council members on the Board;
Burrow-Infra-Mump has the Church of the Wild, mentioned by Crooked-Crosses, Devils and noncomformistic Bohemians, so looks like it may be almost as rebellious and subversive as the Counter-Church;
We already had a set of Church statues;
Station VIII has just offered a choice of statues of all the Masters;

Burrow-Infra-Mump will have statues of the Council.

(Excluding the group one, of course, because it would be a dead giveaway of their identities though this connection.)

(And &quotour&quot statue could be the Thirteen Month (Renown 50), or LoN 40-50, or some other revolutionary accomplishment.)