The Blind Pianist and the Sallow Spirifer

I didn’t find this on the wiki, but there is new content in this story now. Going to the Grand Geode now. Start at Moloch Street

Sheeeeeeeesh, I can’t remember a thing about that story, thanks FBG for putting a &quotRecall what came before&quot there!
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That was certainly unexpected. Good to see those really old stories are getting finished at last. I got tasked with going to the Sunken Embassy, which is a Grand Clearing Out location and my understanding is that only those who participated can visit it. Is that intended?

The GCO locations are open for everyone. Even when the GCO was still going on, I believe the unlock qualities were the shared World Qualities, meaning they were unlocked for everyone. But now that the GCO is over, they’re permanently open for everyone. The ones in early-game locations open up at level 3 of some Making Your Name quality, while the ones in later-game locations have no unlock quality at all.

I genuinely don’t remember anything about this story, or why I would ever sympathise with Hell or the Sallow Spirifer. Honestly, what’s so bad about HELL being undermined? I hope Dynamite’s little plan goes horribly wrong. Hell suffering can only mean good things for literally everyone else.

And of course, I’m always happy to make the world a little more Dawnburnt.

Just played the whole thing. You get 4 options at the end.

I’m a sucker for rescuing the Damsel in Distress. As usual.

In Artist/Model I sided with the Model (and now I’m married to her, and got her her own gallery)!

In Family and Law, I sided with the Last Constable, disobeyed her, meddled with the tankards and murdered the Cheery Man.

In the Hinterlands I quested to rescue Furnace.

And here I chose option 4 - [spoiler] screw over BOTH sides to rescue the Blind Pianist. For which, I got a Searing Enigma and a looong hug from her. :D I was hoping to get her as a Companion. Ah, well. Maybe later.

@Captain Blood Storm: I think you missed something. Dynamite’s plan IS undermining Hell, from what all the characters say. Hell certainly isn’t happy with them, so their plan going wrong would make Hell happy. Of course, once you find out what their plan calls for, it makes you wonder if HELL knows what’s going on, or where their best interests lie. A free colony in Parabola doesn’t sound like punishment to me. [/spoiler]

I would love to know what the other options lead to!

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[quote=Vorwoda Hawksby]Just played the whole thing. You get 4 options at the end.

I believe your options change depending on the amount of trust you have with each character.

If you have initially sided with the Pianist, but have Spirifer trust above a threshold (I believe 2), then the Spirifer joins with the Pianist, instead of fighting her, so there is no need to save the Pianist.

I would be interested to know how the story progresses if you initially sided with the Spirifer and especially if you fully supported him to the end.
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I am very puzzled on which options to chose and I LIKE it.

[quote=MidnightPale]there is new content in this story now.[/quote]Oh my, that’s awesome! After all this time! Not gonna read another word of this thread, very much looking forward to playing this :D

An old unfinished storyline that now progresses through a new location? New players won’t notice a thing but us older players have to wonder just for how long FB didn’t now what to do with this story.

Wow! That made a nice change from my current grinding for shrieks and screams and whispers. Also my first visit to Parabola, so I had to wait for rescue to get home. I journaled it in case you’re interested.

I went for the machine. My alt will probably go for saving the spy, she’s more sentimental and less techy. But she has no ship yet, so this is yet to come.

Apparently, now you could do the last part also without a ship.

I enjoyed this conclusion a great deal more than the Family and Law one. It was still a beastly difficult choice. At the end of the day, Caroline felt the game was playing the players, and removed them from the board, which ultimately works against certain long term goals and she is second guessing herself for. But it felt characterful, the woman beneath the monster showed herself.

Once you’ve given her the soul, you’ll want to meet her at Wolfstack Docks.

I must have met a glitch then, as I don’t see her there at all.

Hmm. The Spirifer might want to talk to you first, but that storylet should appear everywhere.

Ah, I finally found it.

She was over in the Sunken Embassy, in the Westward section.
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Ah, botheration - I completely misremembered the order of events and sent you on a chase for a goose of an excitable disposition. I can only apologise.

Man, I LOVE it when they finally tie up loose ends that have been laying around for ages. Couple years back it was the Cheery Man and the Constable, now this. Smashing.

I did notice a glitch with this. When you leave the Celestial Embassy, she tells you to meet her at Wolfstack Docks, but right below that, the bold game instruction says to meet her in Spite. BOTH locations have the storylet to continue. I chose to use the one in Wolfstack, but they both seemed to be the same.