The Big Rat

I decided to spare the Big Rat. Unfortunately, my Internet connection hiccupped and I didn’t get to see the storylet. Is there some kind soul who could tell me what happens? Has anyone else taken that option and posted it to their profile?

I did not spare him myself (he’s a snuffer, for goodness’ sake!), but as I understand it, you maintain a tenuous friendship/alliance with him with the option of then backstabbing him as per the initial battle-options anyway. Personally, I did him in and took in the albino rat as a petpanion, but this still gives me the fate-locked option to reverse my choice and play out the final battle once more if I so wished…

Your ‘Sympathetic to Ratty Concerns’ will have taken a big hit. And you got some blood money. (from the wiki).

A lucrative alliance

A clanking sack of rostygold changes hands. You let the Big Rat put his faces back on. He laughs out of three of his mouths at once. Then he goes. But you will be seeing him again.

That’s the entire text. And you get 2000 Rostygold.

Thank you all! Anything I can do for you in return? Reduce your Menaces, perhaps?

You’ll find you now have a few new options to try with your new buddy. I, personally, enjoy trying to get him drunk. He can be an angry drunk, and of course I feel awfully bad when that happens. Wait, no I don’t. I simply try again.