The BFG or the Big Friendly Giant Movie

We watched this movie, which was based on a children’s book, a few days ago. It was beautiful and slightly Parabola and FL related. The deuteragonist was the titular BFG who is a kind giant who harvests dreams from a tree stuck in a reflection off a lake. The dreams were color coded: gold for awesome dreams, blue for happy ones and red for nightmares. He then mixes and matches the dream and sends them to sleeping people. It’s kind of FL related since they managed to warn the Queen of England about an impending disaster by mixing different kinds of dreams and nightmares and sending said mixture in her relatively unshuttered palace.

I think FL has its own Big F_____ Giant. Unfortunately, his entire roster of dreams are colored blood-red, incarnadine, crimson etc.

Or, if you’re more inclined to troping, the Big Freakin’ Gun.