The Beginnings of a Noman

I’ve been trying my hand at getting a Noman and preserving him until the Feast for a new tattoo. Ideally, I want to create a Noman at a point where I can minimize my number of visits from Time the Healer while still having enough time to use up 26 lacre pails. However, that’s becoming difficult since I don’t know when the snow melts and I’m really afraid of them turning to slush before I get to use them. Could someone inform me as to when best to create my Noman and when the lacre will start to melt?

Well, ideally, you’d want to make a Noman immediately after Time visits to give the most time to build it up before melting threatens. You’ll probably have only a few days when the cost is at its maximum (15 Taste, plus a bunch of other things) before the Wicket closes, so balance your Time versus the rising price of the Noman.

Pails will melt some time shortly after the Apicus CLub arrives in early February. When they pop up, your pails only have a day or two IIRC.

Now this is all just going off of prior trends, with heavy reference to NiteBrite’s excellent guide on their tumblr.

I made a Noman last year, but that was just to get a feel for having one. This is the year that I attempt the IroNoman Marathon myself. May we both cross the finish line!

I made a thing, if that’s alright

[quote=Cecil ]I made a thing, if that’s alright[/quote]
By all means, go ahead! Do we need to also mention our amount of tears as well?

Only if you want to! I’ll add mine.