the bazzar will other messangers like it appear?.

Yeah, Zubmariner + Manual Saves make the game pretty easy to manage (not that I’ve played it without Zubmariner to properly quantify exactly how much easier).

I’ve played without and while it’s fun, and the difficulty fair enough, the early/mid game is too much of a slog to get through. Like spending hours going to the same ports till I am equipped enough to safely go anywhere in a game with permadeath isn’t too fun. One could risk it and explore anyway, but it’s generally ended in failure and death for me. Saves kinda help but only to a point. Occasionally does lead to some very thrilling moments though.

[quote=Teaspoon]The DLC actually makes the game a lot easier. There are more places to buy fuel and stuff.[/quote] its just that I heard that getting the actual submarine to access the new area was something stupidly expensive for a bunch of items I couldn’t get enough of.
I remember being able to kind of manage with sustaining even though I remember that requiring to having a run around doing mostly the same things over and over again while making detours while nessicery which I’ve never been able to decide weather I hate it or not because while being horribly grindy did in a way capture the essensence of being a sea fairer.
although I do remember really hating the combat system with a passion although that was probably because I was terrible at it and tended to get my ass handed to me whenever I tried to fight anything.
…I feel like playing that game again now.


You can have a great time not fighting anything ever.

The zubmarine is very, very cheap and the easiest permanent upgrade to get (easier than a scion, even). It costs one extraordinary implication and some zailing around, and the implication can be easily obtained by doing Salt’s Rites at the Salt Lions (with a blessing from Hunter’s Keep).