The Bazaar grows Bazaarer

[color=#009900]We’ve given the Bazaar tab a coat of paint, and opened the new extension. Mind how you go. There are spiders here.[/color]
[color=#009900]Let us know any bugs at, and feel free to share your thoughts below.[/color]

Not sure - I’m finding it harder to read how many of each item I have which will make it more difficult when I want to sell any excess items.

Looks like ot might be easier to buy though,

It feels a bit slow to scroll up and down the page, but aside from that I like it.

I like it.


[ul][li]More flavoursome. And always reassuring to see distinctions being drawn between Winsome Orphans and Reprehensible Lizards. Fallen London is now that little bit less nightmarish.
[/li][li]You can see sales prices for stuff you don’t own yet, which it’s sometimes useful to know.[/li][li]It takes care of some of the arithmetic.

[ul][li]The price and quantity numbers are kind of small and hard to read.[/li][li]It was nice having all my stuff listed on one page. It made it easy to find stuff when I wanted to sell things. Now it’s spread across seven. That could lead to a lot of clicking when I’m trying to figure out what to sell so I can buy new boots. So I’d like it if it were a) all on one page, or b) we could adjust how many items were displayed per page, or at least c) items under the ‘My Things’ tab were arranged in a more rational way, so I could at least guess which page to go to. (Stuff sold at the Bazaar is ordered by purchase price, but I have three pages of things with a purchase price of 0, in no discernable order.)

I like this a great deal.

I find that it is easier to see the amount of a thing I have, and whether or not I can afford a thing, or might wish to sell it.

I could only find one spider, however, and this saddens me slightly.

I don’t quite like the Redemptions tab. Why isn’t a working rat working class when it’s obviously working, and why isn’t there a new inventory slot for work?
I second having stuff in the ‘my stuff’ tab in a more workable manner. Everyone should understand a coruscating soul is worth more than lamplighter beeswax! I’d like it to sort based on item class, though. Curiosities → Goods → Academic Goods ->…

I imagine the easiest way to impose rationality would be to order by sale rather than purchase price.

Then you have those rats with a sell price of 10E and a buy price for 500…

True, but you still know where to find them.

I like it! …Mostly. As usual tricky to navigate on ipad which is my only option, but I like the new flavour.

Playing around, the flavor is nice, but I agree with the criticism of the “My Stuff” section.

One thing, can the Bazzar settle on one monetary unit? I’ve seen Pence and Pennies used interchangably along with 100 Pence when 1 Echo would do. Pence is singular or plural, penny or pennies, Echos or Echo. I feel like I’m trying to learn the old Imperial money with crowns, bobs, ha’pennies and so on.

Hmmmm… I like it, but I see that the Sell default quantity has returned to 1, opening the risk of accidental sales again.

Wondrous! I really like the redesign; is this a sign that we’ll be seeing similar functionality in StoryNexus?

I think it’s beautifully done and I think I’ll enjoy using it when purchasing. I’m glad to see the selling prices too; I would have thought a little longer before my Scuttering Squad impulse buy. I wish I could have my own inventory on one page, though. I’m accustomed to them not being in the most logical order and using a Find command to locate the item I want, but with my belongings spread out onto nine pages, that’s not helpful now. If the current multi-page design eventually becomes organized in some way, it might be more useful.

I love the shop names, though. LOVE.

Also, it’s troublesome when I’m selling an item, and it jumps me back to the first page of my things.

A generally positive design, however.

I agree with that.

I have to say, I really like the design as far as lore goes, and the &quotlist&quot format seems to be better suited to finding items quickly, but I don’t like the multiple pages (I have 8 freaking pages of items) and it just seems to move slowly in general. I don’t have an old computer or anything, I have plenty of RAM, but scrolling is still slow for some reason.

I too think it’s more flavorsome. I don’t think it’s more difficult to use; rather, I think it’s difficult in different ways from the old version (scrolling through it takes more time, as does getting the confirmation message when you sell an item). I also agree that it’s confusing to have the menu jump back to the first page of one’s items after you make a sale.
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>Let us know any bugs at[li]

Thank you. :) Please don’t post bug reports here, people.

[color=#009900]It is.[/color]

Please, please, PLEASE consider putting the sell default quantity to zero again. It’s too easy to sell something by mistake!