The Aunt and the Embassy: worthy of Fate?

Hello Delicious friends!

&quotThe Aunt and the Embassy&quot keeps appearing in my deck. There’s a &quotDrink to Forget&quot option, which I’ve done enough times now for my liver to make a polite request for me to cease and desist.

There’s an option to rescue the troublesome aunt, which requires 15 Fate to pursue. I’ve only got 11 Fate left. It’s sorely tempting to obtain more Fate and mount a rescue, but I have to be careful with my surface currency.

I’m seeking opinions from anyone who has rescued their aunt. Is it fun? Is it worth 15 Fate? Is it worth procuring more Fate specifically for?

It suddenly occurs to me that as you’re not in my head, you might not know what I mean by fun. I mean, lots of choices and things happening and stuff to read, as opposed to &quotyou rescue the daft cow and gain +1 magnanimous&quot or so.

I enjoyed it. But I go ahead and spend about a netflix subscription each month on fate. So your mileage may vary. The whole process of helping her once she’s rescued was intriguing to me though materially only one of the options seems to be felt to be valuable on the forums.

It’s not incredibly interesting storywise, but there’s some decent snippets and a couple reasonably profitable cards based on ending.

Of the three ending cards, one pays out 90 pence, another in a menace drop (2cp scandal & suspcion, some MW & Church increase), and the Masters option pays out in the chance for action refreshes.

Rescuing your aunt requires a fair amount of skulduggery and soul trading. You also get to attend a rather tipsy ball at the Brass Embassy. If you like any of these things you might find the story fun. Also, having a rescued Aunt might open up new stories in the future, if the Seven Day Reign is a sign of things to come.
edited by Anne Auclair on 4/29/2016

I imagine it will get rid of an annoying card and replace it with something you want, at least. Too bad I can’t afford it.

Thank you very much everyone! I think I’ll go for it.

Just to clear this up, is rescuing your aunt from devils all you need to finish the aunt story, get the ending(and action regen)?

No, you’ve just unlocked the second half of the Aunt storyline, the finish of which can give you action refreshes (side with the Masters for your refreshes).

No, you’ve just unlocked the second half of the Aunt storyline, the finish of which can give you action refreshes (side with the Masters for your refreshes).[/quote]

And the finish also cost 15 fate?

No. You only need to make the one payment. Unless you regret the card you get at the end of it, in which case you can pay fate to choose something different.

I am really tempted, thanks for the info!

You can reset the choice you made? Where?

The option is in Write Letters in your lodgings, for 15 Fate.

I’m at the point to chose which ending to give her. From a game-play perspective, which ending is deemed the most profitable and why?

Send her to Mr Wines. It has a low chance of refreshing your actions and is a net gain. All of the other options are just bad.

Agreed. It’s about 30%, with a failure giving some wounds, which averages to 3 actions per usage (or gaining two).

Thanks for the advice everyone!

It depends on your needs. One option (I don’t recall which) gives -2 scandal (there may be a range, haven’t kept close tabs) and 1.4 echo for the action, which is better than Ablution Solution or Meditations on the Anchoress. I find the Aunt pops up just enough to keep my scandal in check without needing to do much of anything else to manage it (unless I’m being particularly scandalous).

Isn’t there an option that’s useful in Port Carnelian? Or is that the Mr. Wines option mentioned above?

This was one of the first Fate contents I played and I made the choice that leads to the “Back to Old Habits” card, so I’ve been itching to reset this for a while.