The Assasination Club

Greetings! I imagine many of you are still reeling from the changes made to some social actions. Duels to the death are now no longer possible for example, which I am sure saddens all of those who personaly prefer executing their rivals or lovers.

In lieu of this however, I would like to set up a place where people can arrange for assasins to be sent after one another. I know, it lacks some of the more personal aspect, but it will have to do.

The idea is simple:

Step One: Post here with your IGN saying if you wanted to be slighted to send an assasin, or if you want to slight someone and get sent an assasin.
Step 2: Do this. (Slighting can be done via either Slowcake’s Animesuse, the Party invitation card, or a option on Newspaper making (the 4th deadline bit I beleive).
Step 3: have fun!
Optional Step: Be creative in your slander and reason for assasin sent.

In keeping with this, I would like to annouce that I am making myself avalible to both be slandered to send an assain, and to attempt to be assasinated. Both of these might take a bit of time however. Moreso for me sending slander since there is no easy way to do so.

I am happy to be slandered by any and all and to send assassins commensurately.

I would be most ecstatic to be slighted.
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I’m good with being slighted. Life’s been a bit dull lately. Will also send assassins.
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EDIT: (Feb. 4, 2021) Thanks to all who have had the temerity to slight me so far!
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I am also welcome to assassins. Is there a letter writing circle as well in another thread?
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Indeed, I’d welcome membership of this particular club.

By all means, slight away! We need to keep London’s hard-working assassins in business. Feel free to slight James Sinclair anytime, profile link is in my signature.

I managed to get over 60 Sanguine Ribbons before they ended, and it would be unthinkable to leave me out of this new development.

Anyone is free to slight the Thirteenth Master of the Bazaar, and I in turn may slight others when the right cards show up. It’s time for me to collect Mementos of Violence like Sanguine Ribbons

As a collector of Mementos of Violence, I find myself in dire need of assasination attempts. And so I’d like to join this fine club!

Please, let me know that you’re open for slights and send your assasins to Lord Asbestos the Bazaareen without any second thoughts!

P.S. Although Polite Poisoner is a very good professional choice, kindly don’t consider hiring the guy. His working methods are found unacceptable for my situation.

Am currently at 42/50 mementos of violence, which is to say Anna Libertas has found themselves rather bored of late and as a result has developed an interest in the entertaining distraction of social slighting and assassination

you could duel someone personly?! why, that sounds great! sad to hear they removed it. however, i, jackwalker99392 the great, would be okay with sending an assasin after anyone who wishes me to do so!

…how do you link your profile?

A number of social mechanics with great color have been removed over the years due to their various difficulties in implementation, alas

Unfortunately I don’t seem to be able to find your character, which is making it rather difficult to insult them publicly in my paper with your current information–try going to the myself tab and clicking “view profile” and then pasting in the link to the page that comes up?

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oh my, oh my, I nearly forget I commented on this thread! sorry for that, ol’ chap, my memory is a little like a hamster on cocaine sometimes. I’ll send my profile again:

also, if you wish for me to send a specific assassin after you, please do ask.