The Arsonist's Identity Unveiled?

You do not find the arsonist, but the things you hear of them! A series of jewellery shop robberies. A passing acquaintance with high society. A series of wins at the ring fights. Entanglements with surface folk. Even forays into the arts of detection. Just who is this complex individual?

This is the description of an arsonist from Unraveling Arson, a card unlocked with a name in seven secret languages 3-5. I think that he, she, or it may be a canon appearance of another player.

Arson: Possible, from An Implausible Penance
Robbing jewelry shops: Possible, from Opportunism in Spite
Passing acquaintance with high society: Connected society 1-9 is acquainted.
Ring fights: Possible, from The Fighting Rings
Entanglements with the surface: Found on various storylets and cards.
Forays into the art of detection: Possible, from opportunity cards and the honey-addled detective.

So, the arsonist could be another player who has a fairly low connected society, is fairly far through the name scrawled in blood story, still is not far into shadowy storylets, at an unknown stage of the name in seven secret languages, and picked up a few favours: criminals from somewhere. Being a dangerous challenge, this description also suits the crime. Then again, maybe I’m overthinking things again. What do you think?
edited by GamerGallade on 3/5/2016

I always thought you ended up investigating yourself. I mean, most players will do those things.

Most players do, but how does that work? To my memory, the reward is cryptic clues, presumably the facts about the arsonist. Can you sell your own secrets at the bazaar?

I see no reason why not. Why should the Bazaar care whether the things you say are about yourself or somebody else?

For what it’s worth, I assumed the same as Gallade - that we’re investigating another player character. That is, I assumed it was a wink and a nod at the fact that we all follow similar story trajectories, rather than a case of our own having committed arson, forgotten about it, and then set out to solve our own crimes.