The Amazing Travelling Bank

I haven’t quite figured out how or why this triggers - but sometimes you can &quotclone&quot the New WInchester port menu. When this happens you get two copies of the menu, overlaid on one another. One of these clones is permanent - it doesn’t go away when you leave port and stays instantiated no matter where you go in the Reach: Deep space, other ports, Old Tom’s Well - and it works too. So you can buy & sell at Victoria’s, access the Bank, even re-jig equipment via Abraham’s Engineering no matter where you are.

please report bugs to

I’m sure the effort is appreciated, but they are quite specific that bugs need to be mailed in. Gotta go into the internal tracking system through QA and stuff

I have, I was wondering if anyone else had seen it.

Not with New Winchester but I have had Polmear and Plenty’s menu go travelling with me. I tend to exit the game and it fixes things.

I’ve had the popup for the Captain’s portrait in the corner come loose and wind up in the bottom part of the screen. It went away when I docked in port, though.