The Albino Rat

I am currently in possession of ‘Devices and Desires’, a plot card tied in with the Playing With Broken Toys storyline. It looks like there’s the potential to add an albino rat to my roster of animal pals, and all I need is two more points in Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus (irritatingly, I ‘spent’ two or three points of that on an action a few days ago…).[li]

I’m concerned that if I throw it away, I’ll unwittingly accrue more points in Playing With Broken Toys, and in doing so stop the card from ever turning up again (it needs 9 and no more than 9 points to appear) - ruining my chances of nabbing the albino rat in the process.

Can I throw away the card, safe in the knowledge that there’s no other way to increase Playing With Broken Toys, and that it will come around in the future, when I’ve increased Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus?

Thanks, everyone.

The chance to acquire the albino rat doesn’t come up until the sculpted scowl storyline as far as I recall. I increased my playing with broken toys as far as it would go and it didn’t lock me out of that.

Right now I have everything it needs, save for Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus:

  • 0 Albino Rat
  • 1 Talkative Rattus Faber
  • 15 Seeing Through the Eyes of Icarus (I have 13)
  • 0 Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face
  • No more than 9 Playing With Broken Toys (I have 9)

Could it just be that the Albino Rat bit there is just to check that you’re not further down the storyline?

The devices and desires storyline just gives you more lore. The level 9 option will not get you the albino rat. I also don’t think there is any other way to advance further in broken toys.

i do believe the albino rat can only be obtained by defeating the “big rat”, a storylet in your lodgings.

Thanks, folks! So I can discard it and press on, right? Ta!

From what I remember, you get the Albino Rat through betraying the “big rat” in the “seeking the meaning of the plaster face” story. If you make an alliance with him, you don’t get the albino. You betray him and he dies, and she showes up later. At least that’s how I got her.

The good thing is that you CAN replay the story and get her if you don’t for one reason or another previously. It costs fate, but I found it worth it.