The Airs of London are ...gone?

I had the Airs in my scrapbook until a moment ago, and now they’ve vanished, and no longer appear as a scrapbook option? Is this a bug, or are we no longer permitted to know? :)
(I’ve picked a different scrapbook thing now)

Its happened to me before, I think when airs are 0 or something. Try doing something to change airs and check again.

Huh, odd. Thanks for the hint, I’ll try that :) Sorry for crowding the forums.

Edit: Sure enough, they have reappeared. :heart:
edited by Inky Petrel on 12/21/2013

The only action I know of that sets Airs of London to 0 is to rob the drunk cavalry officer in Spite. Kind of annoying, because it’s not as if airs 1-10 would allow you to rob him again without changing the airs. Maybe there was a time when airs built up progressively rather than being random every time they’re changed?