The Airs of London are Changeable

[color=#ffffff]A new quality, in a new category: circumstance. I found it while resting in my lodgings. Has anyone seen it elsewhere?[/color]

turned up here too:
edited by Endy on 11/20/2012

I got it in Veilgarden through Literary Ambitions.

Neat! It seems to be a cycling of options in the resting thing, and it looks like it may affect a number of things, so that even when we’re doing the same thing over and over again, we’re not doing the same thing over and over again.

So these are the stages I have done for resting up in one’s lodgings:

  1. The regular option. The Forger is also a choice if you have 5 with him.
  2. Visitors, reading a Journal of Infamy, and the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer (5). I picked the first option, and succeeded for a wounds reduction + 1 Morelways 1872
  3. Argument, Touched by the Fingerwork (5? I think it was 5), and the Regretful Soldier (5). I again picked the first option, and did not succeed. I got a wounds reduction out of it anyways.
  4. Listen to blood within the veins, and the Wry Functionary (5). I forget if this stage had a third option…anyways, I failed the first option and got a Nightmare increase from it. I believe my Wounds did decrease, though I forgot to take note of this.
  5. Not a luck check. Reduces Wounds and Nightmares. My wounds were at 2, and I lost the quality completely.

I don’t know if anybody was interested in that information, but there it is. ^^

I’ve gotten two things under Circumstance: the Airs of London are Changeable, and Adrift on a Sea of Misery Surrounded by Wretchedness. (There’s a bug in the way the Airs text displays under Circumstance in the Firefox browser on my Mac. Red text about “Today” appears below the Airs label, spilling down into the Contacts, Dreams, Intrigue, etc. headers.)

I have “Reputation: Abomination Sidelong glances Rumours of your aberrant habits can no longer be entirely contained.” as well, though I can’t possibly remember how I got it. Actually, that’s a lie. I think I did something with snow that polite society may have disapproved of.

Also the initial questions from the user-survey thing appeared there.

I do so love the Airs are changing texts. <3

Reputation: Abomination is from certain Marsh-Mired cards, I think. Unless snow gives it too. I have it at 35- Did they change tables to avoid you?

Ah, that must have been it, yes! Oh Marsh-Mired, you do so like to destroy me.