The Admiral's Widow

I am in need of Justificande Coins so I intend to pull a heist on the The Home of an Admiral’s Widow. I have done it once before, I have the prerequisites but for some reason the option is not appearing in Planning A Heist. Is this something you can only do once? The Wiki doesn’t list any limitations like that. What am I missing?

Docks favor.

Five of them…

There are ways to get those coins without doing the heist, but I think the ones I have in mind require you to have developed your railway to a certain degree, so those may not be available to you yet.

I have five docks favors and I need the coins to build the railroad to the first station.

The Admiral’s Widow heist now requires 100 Shadowy. I don’t remember this requirement being there before, and it’s not on the Wiki. The Landlord’s heist also has that requirement, but it’s not new.

My base shadowy is over 200.

There are some new cards in the heist, but it didn’t seem harder than in the old days. 5 progress produces the pretty box.

Are you already on a heist?

Not already on a heist. When I go to the select your target page the Admiral’s Widow is not listed AT ALL. Others are there either active white or greyed out depending on how much casing I’ve got but the Widow doesn’t show up.

I went off and did other things for a bit. AFAIK none of it should have affected anything related to this but when I checked again just now the option for the Admiral’s Widow was there. Is it possible that the option is only available during certain Airs of London?