The Abysses

After upgrading my ship to a Zub, I Zailed by the Abyss in front of London and got the option to dive in. After doing so and succeeding in a Hearts check, I was greeted by an interesting story that said that I need to visit the abysses in the correct order for a prize…

So… Has anyone figured out the order?
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  1. Rite of greeting (I found it near port carnelian.

You don’t need to perform the rites, just dive deeper to the Fathomless Churches and do the rituals there. Each option unlocks when you’re at the right step; you can’t do them out of order. Iirc it goes: Abyss of Scriptures, Abyss of Pyres, Abyss of Pomegranates, Abyss of Graves.

After restarting with a new captain, the Abyss next to London had a different Cathedral. So, we can’t just say “Go to London, then Venderbright, then Station III…”

I just died, need to rebuild a sub and I’ll give diving them a try.

Zubmarine cathedrals, eh? So are there abbesses in these abysses? Weigh anchorite, and we’ll go exploring!

I’d like to be / under the zee / in an anchoress’ cavern, in the shade
All would be well / and all’d be well / in that anchoress’ cavern, in the shade

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[color=#ff9900]And that’s considered acceptable behaviour where you come from, is it?[/color]

It seems the order of the rituals is randomized. The Abyss of Graves let me perform my first ritual, and when I proceeded to swap it out at the Abyss of Scriptures the ritual option was closed.

Are you talking about the rites or the rituals? The rites are the stat bonuses of which only one can be active. The rituals are the content deeper in the abysses which have to be done in a certain order.

Ah, never mind - I completed the rituals in order and didn’t realize it. Apparently I’m pretty blasé about Lady Black showing up. Mistress of Death at zee wants me as her lover. NBD.

What happens when you change rites? Do you lose the original stat bonus?

You can remove your current rite in any abyss, undoing the stat changes.

[color=#ff9900]And that’s considered acceptable behaviour where you come from, is it?[/color][/quote]
Hey, at least they weren’t abscesses.


Who wants to guess what her relationship to the Boatman might be? Siblings? Enemies? I’m inclined to think the latter given what ELSE lies under the sea…


Dive deeper (the hearts challenge) into the abyss when you get these rites.

Rite of Greeting - Go sit on a grave or something.
Rite of Hearths - Envelope yourself in fire that’s somehow underwater.
Rite of Feasting - Sink down inside a coffin (This WILL trigger the last decision. Only do this if you’re ready).
The Lady - Embrace, die, and get +10 Pages or flee and get +1-5 in every stat for that captain.

Assortment of rites are distributed randomly to each abyss.

You skipped a step. The Rite of Feasting shows up in the Abyss of Pomegranates and the Rite of Solace iirc is the final one.