Thanks for the Fair King FB [vague spoilers].

People with disabilities are suuuper rare in games still, even more rare if their disability isn’t conveniently countered by some magical/mechanical contrivance so it was refreshing to meet someone who had a disability and (not ‘but’ or ‘despite’ or ‘yet’) was a competent, respected and feared leader.

The interesting story and setting attached to him helped too.

I think you’d like the Cheery Man. He’s certainly a competent, respected and feared leader, and doing what a Legendary Charisma does best would net you some interesting lore about Cantigaster’s Venom and why the Blind Bruiser shows up way more than the Cheery Man himself.

The Jovial Contrarian’s a good egg, too. He wasn’t my first choice for mayor, but if he’d won, I’d have been happy to shake him by the hand and congratulate him on his successful campaign.

He uses a wheeled throne. I don’t know if anything more specific is said.

He uses the skin from his amputated legs as curtains.