Test two qualities at once?

I could try this, but before I break StoryNexus I thought I’d ask. Can you test two basic abilities in the same branch? Say if I have a Strength and a Stealth quality, and I want to try to try crossing a room hand-over-hand above guards…can I check both of these abilities at once? If it works I guess that both have to succeed to get the success branch, and the default result needs to be written to take into account one or the other or both failing?

I have been wondering about this too… As I was testing my qualities a while back, I set one branch to require all the qualities I had created to see if they would increase with practice like they are suppose to. They were all the same and I didn’t really flesh out the default and success branches, but I think you would have to pass them both(or all) to get the success. We see this in FL with the few branches that test our main qualities plus our respected, dreaded, or bizarre qualities at the same time, but I don’t know how successful that content was in FBG’s eyes.

From what I can tell with the work I’ve done in it, you can add as many quality tests as you want at a time. Your player must pass all of them in order to get a success result. If your player fails any of the checks they will go to the default result.

[color=#009900]This is the case: if a branch has multiple difficulty tests, failure on one means you go to the default/failure branch(es). [/color]

What you could do, I suppose, is to have a one-quality check, which, if failed gives you a must-storylet with a different challenge?